Golden Ratio and Branding: What You Need to Know

The golden ratio is more than just a number. It represents a perfection of form wherever it is applied. 
The ratio was introduced in the West by the Greeks. It's believed that the Egyptians knew about the ratio,
 centuries before when they applied the concept in building the Great Pyramids of Egypt.
Many companies today have used the golden ratio in creating their logos, which is a strong part of  
corporate branding. Through the logos created by applying the golden ratio, the companies are making their,
 brand appear pleasant at a subconscious level.
In this post, you will learn what exactly the golden ratio is and how it can be applied to branding.

What is the Golden Ratio?

The golden ratio is a mathematical equation that equals 1.618. The ratio is calculated by dividing a line, 
into segments in a way that the longer part divided by the smaller part equals the length of the line 
divided by the longer part. The number is symbolized using the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet, phi.
The Fibonacci series, which were introduced to the west in the 12th century by the Italian mathematician
Leonardo Fibonacci, can also be used to calculate the golden ratio. Simply divide a number in the series 
with a preceding number to get the golden ratio.
A lot of natural objects are created in the golden proportion. For instance, the spiral shell of the snail, 
the galaxies, tree branches, flower petals, and others exhibit the golden ratio.

Application of Golden Ratio in Branding

Many smart companies have implemented the golden ratio in branding. 
Here are four companies that have applied the golden ratio in creating their brand logo.
1. Google — Chances are you have landed on this page through Google. 
You should click the backward button in the browser, and take a close look at the Google logo on the left. 
The height and width of the company logo represent the golden ratio. 
Even the main search bar reflects the golden ratio with the center box located in the middle of the golden spiral. 
No wonder billions of people have been attracted to this search engine.
2. Toyota — Toyota is the all-time best-selling car brand in the world. 
The company's logo is also a representation of the golden ratio. 
On close inspection, you can find a grid that is based on phi in their logo.
3. National Geographic — Do you recall the yellow triangle of National Geographic? 
It's also a representation of the golden ratio. 
The length and width of the rectangle have the ratio of 1.61.
4. Pepsi — Pepsi's new logo is also based on the golden ratio.  
The red and blue logo almost looks like a laughing emoticon. 
The logo has been created by intersecting two circles in the proportion of the golden ratio.
The fact is that branding is all about capturing the interest of the consumers. 
That's why companies focus on making every aspect of the branding totally in sync with the customers. 
Applying the golden ratio makes the logo more appealing and attractive to customers.


Cruising Tips (Departure)


You will need to know that the necessities of a cruise journey fluctuate with each journey. You will need to know what sorts of necessities are essential for crusing. For some particular eating regimen restriction or request you will need to notify 60 days earlier than cruise journey. It's higher to go away your all private paperwork (bank cards, IDs, Passport, and so forth) copies to a closest good friend or member of the family again on the mainland. To enter in some international locations you could want some vaccinations. So it's higher to debate your cruise plan with a health care provider and convey proof of vaccinations. For ongoing medical drawback, it's higher to have a short medical historical past with you. Confirm your cruise plans and test all data is right. Flight data must be checked for accuracy. You might be liable for arriving at port in time for safety test and departure. Being an Eight-feet extension twine for (hair dryer, electrical razor, and laptop computer charger) and ask for cabin voltage additionally. You might want an adapter too. Give the cruise liner contact data to a good friend or member of the family again on the mainland. Contacting data of cruise ship might be discovered on the Cruise Forums Royal Caribbean.
Safety checking can take lot of time so you should definitely arrive on the port space at the least two hours earlier than crusing. For those who board early, there are a lot of actions that start earlier than the ship sail. Cruise traces provide help to save time by ship you on board bank card utility type with tickets and likewise save time by permitting you to finish your immigration and embarkation varieties on-line. With a view to save time full the all of the varieties and convey it with you. Once you hand over your passport upon boarding you will need to get a receipt of it and test it earlier than leaving counter. Don't buy obligation free alcohol to drink on-board. It's confiscated till final day of cruise. It's higher to know the details about the ports of name (From web). So you'll be able to take pleasure in all of the locations. Scuba dive in open water portion required some follow. So study scuba dive at a neighborhood dive middle earlier than doing in open water portion. This may reduce the sitting time at a desk whereas on vocation.
Carry your figuring out garments and footwear as many of the cruise ships have train services. Cruise can journey by means of totally different climates so pack accordingly. Typically cruise ships are causal. So pack for consolation. Carry some strolling and trainers as cruise go to totally different ports. Even cruising locations are warms. Think about packing a sweater, water repellent jacket, glasses and hat. Most eating areas on bigger ships have costume code, however not all. Outdoors the primary eating space, usually permit t-shirts, denims and shorts. If the costume code for eating space is described as informal, put on golf apparel. When costume code is alleged "casual", put on enterprise informal. If costume code is formal, put on enterprise fits or tuxedos and girl ought to put on cocktail costume or robes. Rental tuxedos can be found on ship. Carry some sunscreen and solar glasses in the event you touring to a sunny vacation spot.

How to Order Custom Hoodies at a Great Price

Winter is on its approach. Don't let your group get left behind. Many groups are ordering their winter gear now. Whether or not you might be concerned in softball, baseball, volleyball or soccer, you need your group to look sharp. It's time to get able to order customized hoodies now. Listed below are some ideas in order that you'll be able to make a knowledgeable buy custom hoodie cheap.

Order early. You do not need to be the one group in the match that doesn't match. Once you look good, you're feeling good. And when your gamers really feel good, they play nice! Appear as a group if you arrive!

How chilly is it? Hoodies come in several weights. Except you might be within the snow, it's possible you'll not want the heaviest hoodie. That is additionally uncomfortable for some due to it is weight. The heavier the hoodie, the costlier it's. The most typical hoodie is the 50/50 hoodie. It's going to preserve gamers heat and is inexpensive.

Supply hoodies to oldsters and members of the family. Take into account that the bigger your order is, the cheaper every hoodie shall be. Get as many orders as the potential to drive down value.

Most companies additionally provide customized hoodies with a quantity. That is useful as in extraordinarily chilly climate it's typically allowable for gamers to play with a hoodie so long as it's numbered with the proper measurement quantity.

Things that you should never do in currency trading

Every single day the number of active traders in the online trading industry is increasing. The majority of traders are jumping into the investment world due to its lucrative profit potential. However, if you look at the success rate in Forex then you will be shocked to see that only 5% of the traders are able to make money on regular basis. So who are these 5 % of people? These are the smart investors who know how to take a managed risk in the trading industry. Some of you might think that you will buy some professional trading system to become a Forex millionaire. But things don’t work like this in real life trading. You have to learn from your trading mistakes and consider this industry as your business. In today’s article, we will tell you about the things which you should never do as a retail trader.

Never trade the lower time frame
Lower time frame trading is a very risky and only a handful of traders are able to make money. In the Forex industry, you have to work really hard to learn more about the dynamics of this market. It’s true that in lower time frame trading you will have lots of trading signals but this doesn’t mean that you will be able to make a profit in every single trade. To be honest it will dramatically increase your risk exposure in this industry. Some retail traders say that many professional traders in the United Kingdom are trading the lower time frame and making tons of money. To be honest this is 100% true, but you have to consider their trading experience. Most of them have been involved in the spread trading industry for more than two or three years. Experience will always help you make  better trading decisions.

Never risk more than 3% of your account

In the trading industry, you will always have to lose some trades. You might have exact knowledge about spread trading, yet losing trades are inevitable. There is nothing you can do to avoid the losing trades. If you are completely new to this industry then instead of trading with real money use the demo trading account to learn more details. Many traders often consider demo trading as a waste of their time. But over a period of time, you will understand that even the most pro traders in the UK often use demo trading account to backtest their trading system. If you are not sure about your trading system then never take too much risk in any single trade. Always focus on the market data and try a trade with proper risk management factors. Learn to embrace the losing trades and never allow your grid to take control over you.

Never use too many indicators

Indicators are nothing tools to help you. But novice traders love to consider them as their prime trading tools. They simply trade the market using the indicator based trading system and lose a huge amount of money. But to make profit consistently you have to work really hard or else you will never understand the structure of this market. Try to trade in the clean chart using the key support and resistance level. Use the price action confirmation signal to find the best possible trade setup. In spread trading, you need to understand the fact that without having a simple trading system it’s nearly impossible for you to make money. At times you might face series of losing trades but this doesn’t mean that you will start using tons of indicators to filter out the false trading signals. Learn the basic of the Forex market and try to develop your own trading system. Always believe in yourself and trade this market with discipline. Never take any unnecessary risk in trading to maximize your profit factor.

How to establish your presence in Forex trading community

People are always looking for an alternative source of income to make their life beautiful. In the world of economic crisis securing your financial crisis is extremely hard. However, if you can truly master the art of trading you can easily make tons of money. Most of the novice traders don’t know the importance of proper trading knowledge. They simply trade based on their gut feelings and loses a significant portion of their investment. You need to understand the fact without having a proper trading knowledge it will be almost impossible for you to survive the dynamic nature of this market. Some retail traders often buy other people trading system to make a huge profit. But in reality, this will never help you to become a successful trader. You have to make your own trading system and trade this market to make a profit. Never rely on other people trading system.

Join the professional trading network

Becoming a successful trader in the online trading community is always very challenging. The moment you start trading the live market is the very moment you start learning new things. Some novice traders often try to trade alone. This is absolutely fine but if you consider the long-term scenario, you need to have some exposure in the professional UK trading community. Many new retail traders in England have mastered the art of trading within a very short period of time. When you start dealing with pro traders, you will learn many things. The pro traders always trade the market with managed risk. They never take more than 5% of the risk in any trade since they know the outcome of each trade is totally random. Some retail traders often say that they don’t have any precise knowledge about the professional trading community. But being a novice trader it’s absolutely fine. Just do some online research you will find many professional trading communities in the United Kingdom.

Focus on consistency

If you want to make a huge amount of profit within a very short period of time, you don’t need to trade Forex. CFD trading is just like your traditional business and you can’t secure any dramatic gain in the trading industry. As a novice trader, you need to save your trading capital first. Try to learn the conservative way of trading to make a huge profit. At times you might have some losing trades but this is absolutely normal. If you focus on the longer time frame data, you will understand how easy it is to find the profitable trades. Making a consistent profit in the online trading industry is extremely challenging. You can’t deal with your trading loss unless you trade with proper risk management. Always try to use the higher time frame data to do the market analysis.

Learn price action trading system

Price action trading is one of the easiest ways to find the profitable trades in the online trading industry. If you look at the successful traders at Saxo you will understand most of them are trading the live market using the price action trading system. Understanding the basic formations of the price action confirmation signal is really hard. But if you focus on the psychological factors behind the formation of each candlestick everything will become extremely easy for you. Never try to trade the market based on the indicator based trading system. Always keep your trading charts clean and try to follow the conservative way of trading.

Read a lot

You need to read a lot to maintain consistency in the Forex market. You can’t make any real progress unless you truly understand the nature of this market. Try to demo trade the market for the first six months since it will allow you to develop a balanced trading system without losing your real money. And make sure you are trading with a reputed broker so that you can enjoy the best possible trading environment.

Classified Facts on Where to Stay in Paris That Only the Experts Know Exist

If you would like to go to Versailles, you'll set aside a whole moment. As one of the world's most well-known destinations, Paris does not have any lack of hotels. It has a certain grandeur that cannot be attached to mere words. If you think where to stay in Paris? So, you need understand that it is possible to afford to remain in central Paris, do it. If you're looking for a really special place to remain on your visit to Paris, Cobblestone Paris is it. There are a few excellent African and Middle Eastern restaurants within this area that provide quality cuisine for low rates.
To determine where to stay, you should first make a brief collection of the places you wish to see. Make certain you chose the very best alternative for you. The 16 Paris metro lines cover all sections of the city and are normally the fastest way to acquire around to steer clear of traffic. When deciding which route is the most acceptable for your interest, you could use the aid of a Paris tourist attractions guidebook or online guide or you may secure a touring guide (booked via the travel agency or hotel). You won't be able to see the map below because JavaScript isn't enabled or not supported by your browser.

Apartment rentals are my favorite since they make you truly feel as a member of the community. You could think on what's the smartest approach to select your accommodation in Paris. You might need to pay a bit more for your hotel, but you might discover that its worth it in the future particularly at night as you'll have so many restaurant choices within walking distance, on each side of the Seine, and you may stroll along the river afterward. There isn't a wide selection of hotels on the islands, but should you do stay here you'll have easy access to both sides of the river and a few of Paris most historically impressive websites. Before you conclude that you absolutely have to discover a hotel by the Eiffel Tower, Tom suggests you read through this quick page to acquire a sense of the various neighborhoods you might discover interesting. Due to its central place, hotels in this area have a tendency to be more expensive. Amazing restaurants and wine bars abound within this portion of the city along with the lively market street Rue Mouffetard.

The middle of Paris is almost perfectly circular and surrounded by means of a highway, called the PAriphArique. It's still thought of as the intellectual center of Paris and is currently full of a selection of bohemian restaurants and bookshops. The region is secure and not as costly than the closer arrondissements. This area has gotten quite trendy in the last several years and you'll discover many young folks flocking to the area. Known as Bercy, it is considered by many to be the new Saint-Germain. This safe area is quite gay-friendly and has an excellent Jewish quarter with superior restaurants and shops. It's a remarkable means to go where the locals go.

There are more than a few excellent restaurants here in order to tempt you too. They're an extraordinary fit for nearly every traveler. Try out the Turkish place up the street for an affordable meal. Metro station throughout the street.

Secrets To Buy weed online – Even In This Down Economy

All you have to do is search the internet and discover companies that provide you information along with help to purchase wee pads at competent rates. Buy weed online is one of the greatest strategies to come across desirable perennials and shrubs that are difficult to source locally. You should have the ability to chance upon a basic Spanish guide on the internet or in your regional bookstore.

Not every mower is appropriate for every garden, yard or spot of land, and that means you want to be certain you have the best one for the job so you've got the best results you are able to get. When it has to do with picking the ideal mower for you, consider your requirements. If you are in need of a small riding mower with a relatively strong engine, this might just be the mower for you.

Online garden suppliers need to be able to supply useful data, such as hardiness zone and developing information, and that means you can tell whether a plant can deal with your climate. The fuel saving goods in the sector, mostly utilize gas additives which follow an ideal mechanism. While there are lots of unique brands and manners of lawn mowers I have to arrive at the ideal combination in my arsenal to be able to make my lawn perfect.

It's possible for you to wear them when washing the dishes every day to guard your hands against the damaging chemicals present in the soap. If you're still having a tough time attracting them to the garden, then you need to think about purchasing them. The really crazy part is I have gotten into cutting it a third time particularly when it grows so quickly so I can eradicate the lawn terds. There are endless opportunities on the web to locate places to go and the way to get there for the lowest prices. In addition, it provides you with the advantage in that it's not that simple to return. It is possible to expect to hear much more about the advantages of Hemp Seed Nut in the very close to future.

With 7 different riding speeds, you are going to be able to cut the grass just as you want, which usually means you will have the ability to get the business done with no difficulties. Weeds majorly grow as a result of an excess of nutrients which arrive in water because of fertilizer runoff and soil erosion. You don't need to weed by means of a tattoo art gallery that has 1000's of generic designs, simply to find a couple of decent ones. There are some measures that may help somebody weed out the great companies from the substandard, in order to come up with the very best company to meet your requirements.

The plant is regarded as a weed in most US states and several European nations, and gardeners have very little love for it. You have to remember though that you should not place the plant in a shady place. Plants count on the cycle of light and dark for good growth. There are many sorts of blackberry plants. In any case, the seeds may also induce nausea together with vomiting. It isn't anything more than a fancy means to apply grass seed.

Present Student Loan Consolidation Interest Rates

Are you looking for present student loan consolidation interest rates? If you're, be prepared to look often, because the actual rates of interest can vary by the minute. Many aspects go into determining what the present student loan consolidation interest rates are, and these factors frequently change, which results in the rates to change. lan utan UC

In addition to the factors discussed above, there are some other things to consider when you are searching for the present student loan consolidation interest rates that you should keep in mind. A number of these have to do with your situation, so they're things which you have some control over.

What was/is your repayment history on your original loan? If you're looking for the present student loan consolidation interest rates, apparently at one time you took out a loan which you now want to merge, right? Did you make your payments in time, or did you have any late payments reported? For those who have or had a leading payment history, the odds are good that you're likely to find the best rate available at the moment. On the other hand, if you're always late, you may be considered high risk, and need to pay a higher speed for you to find the green light to consolidate all of your loans into a single.

Is it a new loan or are you currently expanding? What I'm referring to this is whether or not you are working to consolidate a student loan that you are currently paying on, or is it a series of loans which you deferred payments on? If it's the event of the latter, then you very well could get punished and be assessed with a higher rate of interest. This sort of goes back to what I spoke about before. As you have not ever made any payments yet, they are not able to have a sense of your payment history, and so look at you as a greater risk.

Are you already gainfully employed? This is a major factor. When you got your original student loan, the lender probably did not care, and likely did not expect you to be employed or to possess any verifiable income. But when you go to consolidate the loans, they do expect you to maintain either steady employment, verifiable income, or maybe even a co-signor to show them that you can pay back the loan on whatever terms are agreed upon. nya smslan

Some of them are variables which are in your hands; others are completely out of your hands. In any event, however, it is ideal to do your homework thoroughly rather than jump at the first offer that you come across.