Freelance Copywriters in Mumbai – Not a tough job anymore with Contentmart


Freelance writing can be a tough job; sometimes though you seem to do everything right, you still do not find the right online writing job.Though there are many online writing jobs that pay, when you start searching for the jobs, you seem to reach a road block.

But not anymore!!! If you are one of theFreelance Copywriters in Mumbai, looking for clients, or a client looking for a service provider, then Contentmart is the right place for both.
In the online writingscenario, hiring decisions are often made in hours, so if you do not approach the people at the right time, someone else will take away your job. So how will you know where to look for online writing jobs?
Register yourself at Contentmart as a Freelance Content Writer – and start earning while writing work from home. Any Content Writers in India can register if they have a valid email. It does not matter whether you are one of the numerous freelance copywriters in Mumbai or somewhere else, you can start writing jobs online, once you register at Contentmart. All Freelance Content Writers have to pass a fundamental English test to be part of this Content Writing Service. To be a verified writer, all Freelance Copywriters in Mumbai have to submit an online assessment. Once you are verified you get a verification badge that shows next to your profile. You can also mention all your skill sets and update your profile. Post your samples in your profile so that the clients can go through them.
If you are client, you can register at Contentmart and start posting orders right away. You just have to mention the order title, the number words or pages you need,the price per word or price per order you are willing to pay and the deadline of the project. Once you post the order it appears on the ‘All Order’ page of all the registered Web Content Writers. The Freelance Content Writers will start to bid on the project and as a client you have the authority to choose any one Freelance Content Writer.
Once you receive the content from the chosen Freelance Copywriters in Mumbai you can check for quality. In case, the content is not up to the mark you can send the content for revision to the writer.Still if the modified content is not quality material, the client has all the rights to decline the content and assign the same order to some other web content writer.
Thousands of content writers have started their freelance career through Contentmart. It is so easy to find jobs and build a strong business relationship with the many clients available here.

For more details register and log onto Contentmart.

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