How to do arranging for Online video production?


Renderforest is online video production platform which allows individuals and businesses to create broadcast quality videos for private or business use. Platform is free for use unless user wants to download his/her video in HD.
Currently high-quality online video production solutions are very time consuming and expensive. Users are searching for the best video production solution, which will combine high quality and cheap cost compared to the competitors. Most of the solutions available in the market are pretty difficult to use, either they do not deliver the quality which can be considered as «broadcast».
Renderforest tries to solve this gap between manual high-cost video production and cheap low quality automated video production and delivers something in between while keeping the highest quality video production with lowest cost possible in short amount of time with simplified editing panel.
Let me show how it works. User simply chooses one of the categories: Slideshows, Promotional Videos, Logo Animations and Kinetic Typography. Lets demonstrate on Logo animation Category. We're simply uploading our company logo and getting an intro or outro video in seconds.
Based on current marketing strategy, render forests is completely free for use. Users can create unlimited number of videos and share them through social networks or web. This helps to get extra free traffic, which involves new users and generate new sales. Explainer video productionis our main goal.
Renderforest already helped more than 100 startups to create affordable broadcast quality videos for their businesses. Team is working hard on search engine optimization and other sources to involve additional traffic.

Animoto and Powtoon are the main competitors who have large amount of traffic.
Powtoon is based on Microsoft Powerpoint. It helps to create video presentations in 2D environment, which are pretty simple without engaging 3D animation effects. Also it has difficult and time consuming process for creating the presentations. Videos created by powtoon are more likely to be considered as presentations in aspect of quality rather than videos.
Animoto is more concentrated for family use. they help easily create slideshow videos but have some disadvantages as well: limited business use, high cost, limited number of templates, all templates are Slideshows. It serves as intro makertoo.

Renderforest combines personal and business use into one, easy to use platform which delivers broadcast quality standards. 2 leading competitors in the market and have narrow target users compared to renderforest. Powtoon is mainly for business and educational use, while animoto is more slideshow oriented and targeted mostly for personal slideshows.

Renderforest has simplified easy to use interface, saves precious time with already made templates, delivers higher quality and has cheaper cost compared to competitors. Users are always searching for the best solution which will combine highest quality, lowest cost and saves time.

After 1 year of development Renderforest launched in Beta on December 2014. First sale was made on the same month. On May we generated lot more sales compared to January and numbers are constantly growing.

Currently there are 300-500 visitors per day. Marketing Strategy plans to grow the number of daily visitors to 3000-5000 by the end of 2015 and generate $5000-10000 sales per month.
Video creation platform currently can support about 500 daily video renderings. If the traffic grows too fast, resources may not be enough to fill the demand. Each video rendering require powerful server resources and lasts 1-3 minutes for free version (based on length) and 5-10 minutes for HD high quality rendering. Currently only 1 rendering can be done simultaneously which is asotiated with server quantity and power, also there are issues on technical part.

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