What Is Appendicitis and What Side Is Your Appendix On Female?


Appendix is common among male and female; it results in the inflammation of appendix causing increase of enlarged tube from the large intestine in the stomach. It causes severe pain and become worse for the patients. It can put the person in life-threatening condition. However, the only solution available is the appendix surgery, and there are no side effects after the surgery of appendicitis. Appendicitis causes severe inflammation and even results in stomachic infection. If you don't get it treated, then ultimately bursts and causes infection in the intestinal cavity by transferring infectious materials. Appendicitis affects both men and women equally. Sometimes, it gets tough to distinguish whether the individual has appendicitis pain or stomach pain. However, males and females get appendix on different sides. If you encounter such problem, then you should immediately consult with the medical specialist. He can ask what side is your appendix on female.
Sometimes the inflammation of appendicitis can be treated with antibiotics. In case, the situation of the patient gets worse, and you find any symptoms of fuss then the ultimate solution is surgery. Appendicitis is a critical situation, and it is not possible to identify the urgency of infection without surgery even in the minor cases. Therefore, it is important to take all the appendicitis as an emergency, and it should be treated on the priority basis. Appendicitis can affect anyone irrespective of age and gender.
What Causes Appendix?
Appendix only occurs when it gets blocked due to stool, overeating and even due to cancer. Inflammation and infection also cause swelling of the appendix. If a patient feels any pain in stomach or complaints about indigestion, then he should get it examined by the physician or doctor.
In the majority of the cases, the female appendix is found on the right side of the stomach, and there are symptoms to show possible appendix infection. Some of the significant symptoms of appendix are as follows:
•    An individual feels a slight pain in the upper abdomen, and it gets sharper as it moves to lower abdomen. It is the very first sign of the appendix.
•    It results in loss of appetite.
•    Vomiting and nausea are early signs when pain increases.
•    Abdomen Swelling
•    High fever and painful urination are all the characteristics.
•    Constipation, cramps, and diarrhea are also characterized by people suffering from the appendix.
How to Diagnose Appendix?
It is a tricky task to diagnose appendix because the symptoms of appendix also resemble with the symptoms of other diseases. However, there are some tests to be taken to diagnose the appendix:
•    Ultrasound
•    Urine Test to check possibility of urinary tract infection
•    Rectal Exam
•    Blood Tests
How Appendix Is Treated?

The only treatment available for appendicitis is surgery. The majority of the doctors recommend surgery on an urgent basis to avoid further damage and expansion of poison in the stomach.

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