Who is a candidate for breast implants?


Not everyone wishing to have breast implants is the ideal candidate for the surgery. A number of factors should be taken into consideration before breast augmentation can be considered like can you breastfeed with implants? The other top most factors to consider should be your age and level of health.
Ideally, the best candidate for breast implants should fulfill some of the following if not all:

  • You should be healthy and ideally over the age of 18 for saline implants and over the age of 22 for silicone gel implants
  • You shouldn’t be an active smoker and if you are, then you should have quit at least two weeks prior to the surgery
  • You should have stopped breast feeding at least 4-8 weeks prior to the surgery
  • You wish to even up your breast sizes
  • You wish to have more fuller breasts following a pregnancy, weight loss or aging
  • You wish to correct a slight drooping in your breasts
  • You don’t have bleeding tendencies
  • You don’t have active infections in your body

Ultimately, the ideal candidate for a breast augmentation is determined during consultations with the surgeon.

Silicon vs Saline Breast Implants

There are basically two varieties of breast implants; saline and silicone and knowing the differences between the two will help you determine what the best option for you is. Much as they both have an outer silicone shell, the material used and consistency sets them apart. For reading more and detailed about this topic visit Pregnancye .
Saline breast implants are filled with a salt water solution. They are basically filled with IV fluid which provides no damage to the body in case of a rupture. They require a much smaller incision for placement and are generally not that expensive. They have a tendency of not having a natural feel as compared to silicone breast implants and are not the ideal choice for patients who are very thin due to the high risk of ripping involved. These implants are available to women from the age of 18 for breast augmentation or reconstruction and are inserted empty then filled with the IV fluid once they’re in place.
Silicone breast implants are prostheses that are filled with gel. They have a renowned end result of producing more natural-looking softer results. The silicone gel that are filled in Silicone breast implants helps produce the more natural feel when used as compared to the saline ones. In terms of cost, they are much more costly than saline breast implants and because they have a lesser risk of rupturing, they are the more ideal choice to many a patient. In addition, they do necessitate a slightly longer incision for placement to be attained. These implants come pre-filled with silicone gel that mimics the feel of human fat and are available to women from the age of 22 for breast augmentation or reconstruction.
If you are worried about the question which most women are that can you breastfeed with implants? Then we will suggest you to go to your surgeon. For more info visit pregnancye.com.

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