13 Online Tools for Writers


Writers value accessibility and portability. You can get inspired at any given time, and during that moment, you want to be ready. Although nice, professional software suites are often a surplus, localized, and more complex than necessary. Online tools on the other hand are available everywhere.
These online tools will come in great handy to everyone who writes regularly, whether it’s a way to minimize diversions, a new page on which to jot your words, “write my essay” services, or you need help with assembly. Here is a list of the online tools.
Assembly tools
Assembly is crucial to effective writing. Without assembly, there would be no order to your words, leaving your readers confused. In worst case scenario, all those great ideas you had previously will be lost due to nature of forgetfulness. A little bit of assembly will help evade frustrations.
1.      Wiki-style notebooks. These are great for generating and recording new ideas either alone or in a group. Also, various pages and terms can be interlinked on a personal wiki for easy navigation.
2.      Mindmappers. Mindmap is an organizational tool that is great for analyzing, generating, and refining ideas, which is imperative for any writer.
3.      Idea management. Wridea is an idea management service and an assortment of conjure up tools. It is a fast and simple way to draft ideas and arrange them in the future.

Writing tools
All you need to write is a pen and paper. Some people can type numerous pages in Microsoft Word, while others need a more sleek option. Here are some tools to assist you with the actual writing.
4.      Distract-free editors. One of the challenges writers face is distraction. Hence, a text editor that is on-point, easy to use and free from disorder is greatly beneficial. Some great editors include Quabel, WriteSpace and WriteApp.
5.      Screenwriting editor. Great for screenplay writers. Plotbot is a web-based editor that formats your script automatically, according to industry requirements, enabling you to write freely. Also, you can work together with others on the same script.
6.      Edit-lock editors. Some text editors will stop you from editing your document until you’ve attained a prefixed time limit or word count mark that you set for yourself. Writers should always focus on writing first then edit later. In this case, edit-lock editor comes in great handy. Examples of these include ilys, and Write or Die.
Productivity tools
It may be easy to write, but it’s hard to keep writing. Productivity can be exceedingly challenging to keep up especially for people who write for a living. Gratefully, productivity tools are there to assist in addressing that issue.
7.      Site blocker. They block sites in order for you to be more productive. Examples include StayFocusd (for Chrome), and LeechBock (for Firefox).
8.      Pomodora Technique. It’s a simple technique of approaching work in a manner that lessens burnout. A great example is Tomato.es

Utility tools.
To top all the above, there are a collection of writing-related tools online that are outstanding enough to be categorized on their own. These tools are more specific in what they offer, however, they are good at how they function.
9.      Writing prompts. One demoralizing factor in a writers’ life is a writer’s block. A great way to overcome this is to free write in reaction to a writing prompt.
10.  Wordcounter. Most text editors and office suits have a word-count function and metrics measurements. If you don’t have this function, Wordcounter will do the job.
11.  oTranscribe. If your writing involves a lot of transcribing audio into words, oTranscribe can make your life a lot simpler. It supports audio files, for example, OGG, MP3, WAV, and video files such as MP4 and WEBM.
12.  Cliché Finder. Clichés are good but can sound juvenile when overused. Cliché Finder tool identifies all clichés for you to minimize them. The downer is that it only supports the English language.
13.  BibMe. It automatically creates bibliography according to the standards you set, for example, APA, MLA and Chicago, among others. It can also handle media –from websites to films, books to newspapers, and more.
Now you have the online writing tools that you can use to enhance your writing exxperieince

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