Qi Wireless Charger Pad


The Qi Wireless Charger Pad Station 

Wooden Qi Wireless Charger Pad Station for iPhone Samsung LG you can enjoy your any journey without placement restriction, no cord worry, in the office or in a house you don’t have to go far away from your cell phone to charge. You can put your charger to any secret place very conveniently no cord required to hide. Its look is like a decorative thing you just put your cell on it. its design is beautiful and wood increases the value of its pleasant look. It's attractively used for any type of iPhone, Samsung, LG.

This charger is designed with Hard and dark wood that thing give uniqueness to it; it has the beautiful pattern of wood grain. There is white rubber on the top of the charger and it's not in the form that cell will slip from it and not comfortable adjust it's really fine and adjustable. There are two LED’s one is solid red and 2nd is solid green. When the device is free then the lights are still, as you put your cell on the charger the green light start blink. a place from where you can charge this charger beautifully and with technical view built up.

It’s not difficult to give the position to your cell to start the charging. Simply just put your cell on it and it's automatically recognized your cell power source and start charging.
The consistency in you can charge without any interruption till then you do not remove your cell phone from charging the device.

Qi wireless charging standard is not a heavy device, it’s having the 0.129kg weight which is comfortable any one can take it to anywhere, to any desk, and to any place .There is a kit which includes guide book and a small cord to charge the device.
Qi Wireless Charger Pad Station you can find this beautifully constructed daily use item very conveniently on www.tvc-mall.com/.

Important Features

1) Easy use
2) Pleasant look
3) No cord to take anywhere
4) No worry to adjust on device
5) Pointer of LED 
6) Guidebook
7) Light weighted
8) Technically built in 

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