Why You Should Never Use Generic USB Chargers and Cables


Why should a quality USB charger always be used? We have always enjoyed the benefits of having cheap USB chargers and cables around especially when the original ones, those that came with our phone when we bought them, are damaged or stops working.  However, in recent years, concerns about their use whether they are safe or not have risen and we see more and more people questioning the integrity of such devices. Why is this so? What are the dangers that these cheap USB chargers and cable present?
Dangers and Risk
The use of generic USB chargers and cables pose serious life threatening risks to the users which warrants attention from those who are using these products.  It is true that these products come cheap and easy to have access to as they are readily available in almost any retail stores as well as online but the hazardous implications with its use, as stated below, should really be considered seriously to avoid any untoward events.  The said hazards or risks that come with the use of cheap USB chargers are:
Fire Hazard
In Japan, more than 100 reports of smoke, fire and overheating are attributed to phone chargers and cables bought at convenience stores nationwide.  There were also reports of injuries in relation to fire caused by these cables which led to the recall of specific products such as the Topland cellphone charger, from the general market on July 2014.   Most of these incidents involve the use of the cheap devices on lithium-ion batteries which overheated the latter and cause fires when left unattended.
In addition, the Japanese National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE) found out that generic charging devices are poorly made that even a slight twisting of their cables may cause irregularities in the flow of current in them and cause a short circuit and create fire.
Electrocution Hazard

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