Adorable and cute outlines for nail designs


There is endless variety of nails design that you can do at home. You don’t need any expensive and a lot of tools to begin with, simply it can be done with common house-hold items. If you have time and right tools than you are ready to begin. Most common ways to do s at home is by watching videos step by step or viewing pictures with description. So let’s cut to the chase and talk about it:

Stripe: Stripe is simply and easy to do while at home. You need thin layer of stripes, scissor and some paints to begin easily with. Take a strip and put glue underneath it, then place it on your claws. Take 5-6 stripes and place them all on your fingernails. Now press them down for couple of hours in case they might not have fall off. Cut down their stripe ends by scissor and cover your whole nail as well as side-lines. Now take your paint and drop on your nail not on your stripes. If you drop on your stripes then there is no use of it. Choose your any color and drop it on your nails top. Once down let they to dry off and you are good to go.

Gold-Foil: Gold-foil is also use for cute nail designs, they are thin, shiny and even don’t hurt on your natural claws. Take gold-foil of less sized of your nail. Suppose you want to look foil less under your nails top. Paint the top of your with one line of any color such as white or blue. Take foil, trim it down and place it right under you painted your nails. Tighten it and also make sure to cover side-lines with foil. Gold-foil looks so dope on nails and have attractive personality in nails fashion industry. You can see this post to check latest updates about fashion trends.

Half-Half: Sounds strange but it plays important role in paws fashion industry. Take a thin layer of plastic sheet and cover your half nail with it. Now, paint on plastic sheet with any color, take plastic sheet off and paint the other half with any other color. Like you have painted plastic sheet with blue paint and the other half with yellow. Now you have two colors on a single nail top. You can also make different designs like puzzle, zigzags etc. Remember to use plastic sheet because that paint contains high amount of chemical mixtures in it.

Fake Nails: Fake nails also come with great cute nail designs, like the ones with teddy bear, names, hearts, memes and so much more. They are long and shiny as well and can be used on all claws sized and shape. They more better quality you will buy the more durability and the more cheaply you buy the more likely it will fall off in near time. Artificial or fake nails both fall in same category. They are quite making their ways with real ones. And they even look good some time your mate can’t guess it’s real or fake.

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