Advocare 24 Day Challenge: Day 1


Good enough so I decided that I will blog about this cleanse adventure. If anybody else out there's on the fence about trying it, perhaps this could help them both make the selection for, or against. All in all, today was a great day, I didn't keel over, and extraordinarily sufficient I'm not ravenously craving chocolate chip cookies or something like that. The Hubs, however, did a truly mean factor and brought himself home a pleasant huge, fat, juicy, tasty, yummy, slutty...Ok I am sorry, enough adjectives... Chipotle burrito and it seemed so accurate! I assume if I could deal with watching him devour each chew with out seeking to eat my own foot I should be good for the following 23 days.
Advocare 24 day challenge is a life changer for me! Really it is!

So right here's the way it went:
Wake up: I had dreamt the night time earlier than that I had achieved everything incorrect, I had taken the supplements too early with the day and within the wrong order, inflicting me to blow up into a large red ballon like Violet Beauregard in "Charlie inside the Chocolate Factory." Who knows why that photo decided to come into my mind.

luckily for me, it was only a dream and the fine fiber drink turned into waiting for me downstairs. After typing this out, I do not think "Lucky" is the term most people might use when I'm about to describe to you what I got to eat pre breakfast. Are not you simply so excited to listen about it!? I bet you are.

So in "cleanse phase," the first 10 days of the Challenge, you need to drink this thing called fiber drink in the morning earlier than your first meal right when you rise up in the morning as a way to get the body prepared to begin digesting. So you blend this packet of what seems like finely ground oats with eight ozof water and there's your beverage. Appears easy enough. I had done a few sleuthing pre cleanse on Pinterest for some tips and hints on the Challenge. Most of what I found involved this fiber drink. Someone advised blending it with a piece of Crystal Light to help it to go down less complicated. Another couple of people and even my buddies (thank you JB and Mizzle) just said to chug that beast quick or you'll be sorry. So I mixed it up with a bit bit of fruit punch powder and down the hatch it went. It tasted like eating straw with a hint of fruitiness. I had to prevent mid gulps because I was starting to choke, I now understood why terms like "chug it like you're chugging a beer" and "do not stop until you reach the end of the glass" got here into mind, I could see it begin to thicken and seize up, kinda like Jell-O mix coming to life and being gelatinous. I stirred it up some extra and finally polished it off. It was probably the Maximum unappealing a part of my day but I got over it. I decided the next day's flavor of Crystal Light jumbled together is going to be cherry pomegranate.

I might not bore you with each detail of my eating. Basically, you have to devour every 2-3 hours to maintain your metabolism burning up the meals. It's outstanding though, after 2 hours would pass I'd want to eat and as soon as I did, I without delay felt better. The other factor I do not like about this cleanse is I can not have coffee. Yes...It sucks but I'm locating its not a total deal breaker. In order to not have a huge headache today I began weening myself off it on Saturday.

I also might not neglect to put in which you need to drink as a minimum a gallon of water per day. I should simply become the janitor in the ladies lounge at paintings so I do not have to maintain sprinting from my office each 20 minutes to the facilities. That or I have to move my table and pc into the bathroom this week, but that might get awkward for a few people. just think about how efficient I'd be though! Nicely, maybe not. don't consider me in the bathroom please.

eventually we came to dinner: my Most favorite meal with regards to normal food and the true test tonight for my ability to stick with it. right here I'm face to face with Hubs eating his luscious burrito and I am getting to have for dinner, a protein, a vegetable, and a carbohydrate...Sounds really riveting doesn't it.

After debating for what appeared like hours but was only five mins on what to have for dinner, I remembered a factor I saw Someone publish on Instagram about Paleo Egg salad. I had a can of tuna fish which sounded decent however of course, could not slather it with mayonnaise and make all delicious like normal. On Instagram, Someone i follow used avocado as a way to bind their hardboiled eggs in place of using mayonnaise. It was worth a shot and at this point, my foot was also beginning to appearance really good so i needed to act speedy. Yes, avocado, that's considered a healthful fats here, became not in the list of ingredients for dinner however this chick simply could not determine out what to do instead. If anyone is reading this and starting to decide, I made it as much as myself by going for walks three extra laps across the tune tonight. It's all good! once my tuna mix was all yummy, I sliced up a few bell pepper into wedges and spread my tuna salad on top. I was shocked at how lots food there was on my plate and it actually tasted really right. I will put up a image of my creation due to the fact that I used to be damn happy with myself.

So it's all for today. I've the entirety packed and geared up to head for tomorrow. Some thing tells me, but, I'm gonna be dreaming about burritos tonight.

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