How to Beat Exam Stress


With exams coming around the corner, the sensation of butterflies in the stomach feeling is a common phenomenon with many of us. No matter, how well prepared we are, the anxiety feeling will keep following. Studies say that normal levels of stress, help you perform better and think more effectively. But, we the level increases, it only brings harms. To avoid exam stress and increase the productivity level, follow these simple tips.

  1. Be Prepared: Before starting your preparations, make sure to clear about what is supposed to be learned and also the study material needed for it. Separating the important topics from the less important will give you a clear picture to start with.
  2. Plan a schedule: Once you get clear on ‘what to study?’, the next step is ‘how to study?’. Prepare a time-plan in order to make best use of the available time. Divide the schedule keeping important topics in priority and also keeping some time for revision. All the best schools in Delhi advise that you maintain fixed schedule.
  3. Know your stronger areas: We all have different types of body clocks so choose a time when you feel most alert. Don’t mug up things when you are stressed, instead choose a topic of your interest at that time.
  4. Take breaks: Psychologists say that a person can only concentrate for maximum of 45 minutes at a time. And according to neuroscientists, the longer a person tries to focus or concentrate on one thing, the chances of dealing with it decreases. So, take a break to stay refreshed. In place of cramming things for long hours and getting stressed, simply take a breather.
  5. Eat well: Keep a check on your blood sugar level in order to avoid energy dips. Avoid fast foods and limit the intake of caffeine rather go for a whole-grain or protein diet. If you feel highly stressed and even fail to eat anything, go for drinks like juices and smoothies.

  6. Stay hydrated: Drink a lot of water and also try herbal teas. More of juices can make you feel jittery. If you are in a habit of taking tea or coffee, then be sure to limit the intake.

  7. Exercise: One of the best ways of dealing with exam stress is exercising. Go for walking, swimming, or a dance class. This way your mind will get diverted and relaxed. It will not only keep your mind stress-free, but also good for your body.

  8. Sleep well: Tossing and tossing up the whole night before an exam can be understood, but worrying about not being able to sleep is a matter of concern. Our body is able to cope with lack of sleep. Just keep your mind calm and stop worrying about it. Take a hot bath before going to bed.

  9. Deep breathing: whenever you feel anxious or highly stressed, find a quiet space and start taking deep breaths, in and out, for a few minutes, memorise happy moments or anything that makes you feel calm. Coaching Adda has many articles which can help you with more techniques.

  10. Be Positive: Remember, there are many popular names on the pages of history that never did well in their academics, still they are enlisted in the history. Put in your level best and don’t worry about the things which you cannot change.

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