Why Some Patients Failed After Expert Eye Lift Surgery In Sydney


 While there are some eyelid surgery success stories, there were also patients who suffered regression after undergoing the said type of surgical procedure. Well, it is likely that they had so much expectation, they didn’t follow the surgeon’s post-surgery measures, or they have chosen the wrong eyelid surgery doctor. Here are some reasons why some patients consider eyelid surgery as a curse.

 Doing strenuous activity after the first week 
It is highly advisable to keep off from strenuous activities during the first week after undergoing eyelid surgery. Unluckily, some patients often take this expert eye lift surgery in Sydney tip for granted, which usually results to bleeding and swelling .It is also one of the reasons why the ideal recovery time is hampered. However, it is a good idea to take a brisk walk on the first three days from the surgery to promote proper blood circulation.

Smoking and drinking
If you’re a smoker and heavy drinker, you have to keep away from your vice up to one month after your eyelid surgery in order to ensure faster healing. The chemicals found in cigarettes can be one of the reasons behind the failure of any eyelid surgery. In fact, recent study shows that drinking alcohol can impair wound recovery.

Excessive Sun Exposure

Another reason why eyelid surgery has not been a success to some patients is due to extreme exposure to sunlight. Hence, if you’ve just your surgery last week, make sure to limit your exposure to the sun. Otherwise, it can cause a detrimental impact to the result of the surgery. Say for instance, it can lead to increased risk of inflammation around the eyelid. It can also be a cause of hyperpigmentation.

Using Eye make up
If you’re an avid fan of eye make-ups and you have just undergo your eyelid surgery several days ago, there’s something that you need to know. Granted, wearing eye makeup is a convenient way of concealing a healing a scar. However, it should not be done after having just your eyelid surgery. Just in case you are not aware, there are chemicals present in makeup that can cause irritation to the eyelid and can also lead to infection.

Not following medications
Your surgeon will provide you a set of care kit including medications that you need to follow while you are in the recovery stage. Just like how important knowing the upper and lower eyelid surgery price, it is also very essential to follow every instruction of your doctor. Keep in mind that you must only discontinue the use of any medication if it has been clearly specified to you by your surgeon. Before having the eyelid surgery, make sure that you have already discussed with your surgeon regarding all maintenance medicines that you will take in make sure that it won’t have any negative effect to the result of the eyelid surgery.

Although eyelid surgery has a very high success percentage rate, you should not overlook the possibility of horrible stories. Hence, if you really want to make this type of surgery work for you, make sure that you are really serious about it. Beware of the common mistakes abovementioned that can hinder you from having a successful surgery. Most importantly, one trick to ensure the success of your first eyelid surgery trip is to choose a reputed professional surgeon in Sydney.

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