Building Your Company Website Using Drag & Drop


The world is increasingly turning digital, and everything around us is heading for the web. However, a lot of people, business leaders in particular, are still not aware of the benefits of an online presence.
A last year's GoDaddy survey of UK businesses, for example, has shown that a large percentage of small businesses aren't online. That's almost a third of businesses with five employees or less (60 percent).
Other results in this survey are also interesting and relevant – businesses without a website don't want to create one because they don't feel it will help them grow. However, those that had built one have seen an 'immense' growth in revenue in the next three to five years.
With having a website being such an important aspect of business, another problem arose – it was too expensive. Back in the day, when you wanted to build a website, you needed a team of web designers and web masters to create one for you.

Simple And Affordable
Today, the world being as it is, we have tools to help us build quality websites ourselves, with almost no investment needed, and in a fairly short amount of time.
The first thing that comes to mind is WordPress – this huge website building tool powers more than a quarter of the entire internet, and that's a really powerful statement. But even WordPress can be confusing to some, as it requires installs, themes, widgets, plugins, updates and whatnot.
There are other tools out there, which work on the 'drag 'n' drop' principle – it offers a few key elements of a website, and allows the builder to simply drag them from the menu and drop them wherever he / she sees fit.
There are a couple of standard ways these tools help you create a website. The most popular way is to start with a pre-defined template, which can then be modified according to the maker's desires. By simply dragging and dropping various elements, you can play around with your design, shuffle the elements and create a website that will resonate well with your audience.
Obviously, you can always go with the preset, if it looks nice. There are also countless designs at your disposal, some of which are free to use, while other need to be purchased.
Build Your Website Now
Building a website is no longer the time-consuming, money-eating process, reserved only for the big guys having exposable income and being able to experiment. It is an investment proven countless times as essential, helping businesses grow and improve their bottom line.

Nowadays, building a website is a cheap, simple and effective process, made so that everyone can do it, regardless of their technical background. If you don't have a website, you're already far behind your competition. Choose any of the drag 'n' drop website builders such as the Web Eden site builder, play around with it and see what you come up with. There are no wrong results.

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