“Flakka” All you should know about this Florida Zombie drug!!!


A 19 year old Florida State University student, Austin Harrouff attacked a married couple in their Florida, home stabbed them to death and literally kept chewing on the male victim’s face.
Officials believed that he was high on “Flakka”, a highly addictive designer drug that causes paranoia and psychosis. He was grunting like an animal while being arrested.
They say the former  wrestler and high school football player  will have to face murder  charges once he is discharged from hospital.

What is ‘Flakka aka Gravel’ and why it seems more dangerous than Coke.

Flakka is the name of a new designer drug that is becoming wildly popular.  Flakka is often marketed legally as ‘Bath salts or Plant food’. It is a synthetic drug that creates unprecedented hallucinations. It has been circumscribed now as the most dangerous drug that is available.
Flakka’s official name is Pyrrolidinopentiophenone which is also known as alpha-PVP or PVP. The drug has similarities to amphetamine and cocaine, but has stronger effects. The active substance is called Cathinone and is derived from the Khat plant, whose leaves since the thirteenth century in Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya are used as a stimulant.
This drug has become a nuisance especially in the United States. Users quickly cause violence due to the effects of this drug, because they seem to step outside themselves, be noisy and put themselves and others at risk.  The exhilaration caused by Flakka is way more potent than naturally derived drug cocaine. As per Dr. Indra Cidambi, Addiction Medicine Expert and  M.D at Center for Network Therapy, Flakka is ten times more powerful than coke and cheaper and that is how it is more popular among college-age-adults. The high of Flakka is pretty high and takes several days even from getting rid of it.

Dangers of using Flakka

The greatest danger of Flakka is that it costs almost nothing   and that is why it is so popular among college students, low income group and homeless population. The user experiences with Flakka are very intense. Users get a first extreme euphoria. Users think they are invincible. The euphoria is followed by deep, deep fears. The increase in body temperature to fever pitch causes people to take off their clothes and run on roads due to fear. The drug is inexpensive and causes a haze that can last three to four hours. Doctors warn of the violent action caused because of  these & five dollar insanity; Users are paranoid and psychotic, hallucinating, have tantrums, start to shake wildly and almost feel like having superhuman powers. Flakka is much stronger and more dangerous than ecstasy or methamphetamine.

Symptoms of the use of Flakka

·         Increased heart rate, 150 beats per minute and more
·         Increased body temperature
·         Elevated blood pressure with values ​​up to 230/160
·         Rapid breathing
·         Kidney failure
·          Dilated pupils
·         Ego inflation, to feel everything to be invincible
·          Paranoia and feeling to be haunted
·         Extreme hallucinations
·         Obsessive addiction
·          Increased libido

Is it illegal

In the longer run, Dr. Indra Cidambi says illegality may not matter as we can see Drug detox producers will alter the chemical structure of the gravel drug even slightly to circumvent the law. You wait and then you get something else after couple of days, ‘a cheaper substitute’ as mentioned by Dr. Indra Cidambi. This is how MDMA-or Molly lead to Bath Salts.
The drug a-PVP  has been banned by at least 20 other countries or regulated in some or other way and in March 2014, The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration  had placed a temporary ban on  a-PVP and nine of synthetic cathinones, still the designer drug Fakka is classified as a Schedule I Controlled Substance by the DEA as of May of this year.

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