UK Law : Some Basics to Know


Prior to the creation of the Supreme Court of Judicature under the Supreme Court of Judicature Act 1873, the solicitor did its practise in the Court of Chancery, attorneys used to practise in the common law courts while the place of practise for the proctors was the ecclesiastical courts. After 1873, the offices of "attorney" and "proctor" were dropped as terms relating to legally qualified persons. In fact, they were replaced by "Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales". Only the unique government offices of Queen's or King's Proctor (which I now called generally Treasury Solicitor which is co-held with the title), and Attorney-General. Since after the replacement judicial aspect of the House of Lords, the full title of a solicitor is "Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales".

If you visit solicitors north east, you will find there great detail of the strange type of laws that exist, or have existed, in the UK. Charles Dickens termed the old English laws as “idiot and an ass”. Those laws implemented in the old times were quite strange, in fact the commission has been repelling a few of them.

The Law Commission was formulated in 1965, which was charged with the duty of repealing the old English laws and updating the new ones. The commission sees if the old laws require any changes, and then accordingly recommend changes. If you give solicitors north east a look, you will realize it is not an easy task looking up old laws in dusty books, adding them to the Repeal Bill and then making changes in them, yet this tiring task is taken care off by the Law Commission.

Among the weird old English laws was one that was implemented back in 1307. It stated that dead whales seen on the coast of Britain would automatically become the property of the king. The tail of the whale was to be given to the Queen to make her corset. Similarly, eating of mince-pie was banned in all of England. In the 1800s, crimes such as pick pocketing, forgery, treason, stealing money, stealing sheep etc. could earn you death sentence.

If you delve deeper into solicitors north east you will find more of such interesting old English laws, for instance it is mandatory for English males above fourteen to take longbow lessons every weekend for two hours under the supervision of a church official. No trained armies existed then; only trained infantry, knights, archers and others that existed.

Some more of the weird English laws are listed below:

  • ·         Picking up luggage that was left or abandoned was illegal
  • ·         Ten year old boys cannot see naked mannequin since it was forbidden by law
  • ·         Hanging a bed from a window is illegal
  •        Immoral acts committed by homosexuals in “molly houses” was banned in the late 16th century. The law banned two or more males from having sexual activities in a house
  • ·         Eating of chocolates by English females in public was termed as illegal.
  •     So these were among some of the weird old English laws that used to exist and were even practised, but now they would be repealed and changes recommended in them. 

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