8 Unusual Field Hockey Facts


Field hockey is a sport that is rapidly growing in popularity and attracting a huge amount of attention from players and spectators across the globe. In addition to the professional hockey circuit, an increasing number of adults are starting to play the game. It’s also becoming one of the most popular sports in schools.

A high-energy sport that requires an intense level of fitness, the world field hockey rankings lists the teams that are on top, but they can be toppled at any time. Hockey has many interesting facets. To help you learn more about the sport, we’ve rounded up eight unusual facts that will give you greater insight into the game.

An Excellent Spectator SportAt the 2012 London Olympic Games, field hockey ended up being the third most-watched sport, drawing in a huge number of spectators for every match. The fast-paced nature of the game makes it exciting to watch, and spectators flocked to the stadiums and crowded in front of their TVs to see who would be a winner.

Fast-Paced Game PlayMens field hockey is not only enthralling to watch, it’s also played at a breakneck speed. This sport has the fastest swing speed of all at 103 miles per hour - even beating golf! These swings are practiced in field hockey drills until the players perfect them.

Right-Handed GameIn field hockey, there are no left-handed sticks, so left-handed players have to learn how to use a right-handed stick in order to play the game.

Celeb Favourite
Growing up, celebs such as Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence and Heath Ledger enjoyed field hockey and were avid players.

College Ticket
Proportionately, field hockey scholarships are more prevalent than any other sport. If you’re wondering “are there free hockey drill videos online?”, the answer is yes. Now is the best time to look them up to see whether you can become a hockey star and secure your spot at university!

A Running Sport
During an average game of hockey, players run more than five miles, proving that you need to be fit to play!

British Heritage
The British Army was responsible for the spread of hockey through the British Empire, which is why it’s so popular in New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan and India.

Pennsylvania Favourite
Pennsylvania has the largest number of hockey players in all of America.

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