Best Quality Marine Grade Vinyl Tub Cover For Your Hot Tub


Strong and beautiful looking spa cover is everybody’s need. The hot tub owners are easily frustrated when they are denied a continuous enjoyment of their investment in the hot tub due to spa cover problem.Many companies that are producing spa covers or hot tub covers do not properly test their products, the  custom hot tub covers are costly and do not have a long life either.

Hottubcoverspot Uses Marine Grade Vinyl in Spa Covers
Even if a spa cover comes with a 2 years warranty,  they are not made with the American technology which utilizes Marine Grade Vinyl treated with mildew.  The spa covers from are strong and beautiful which have no chance of cracking in a short time. They have a virgin foam core which acts as an insulator and protector against the heavy water in the spa. The customer orders a custom design which is 100% suitable for their specific needs.

The custom made spa cover which understands the reasons for the failure of spa cover is the one which which absorbs moisture like a sponge. The thick and good quality plastic are used in best spa cover to make it air tight and a double wrap vapor barrier is good enough to guard against any density of water. When you want a product that is super quality and benefits for a long run with 5 years warranty, you can easily make your choice with Hottubcoverspot products.
Multiple covers of Vinyl gives multiple strength to the product, the vinyl provides the ease of opening and folding the cover any time, anywhere. The latest technology built spa cover lifter is strong and does not break. Vinyl straps to tie the cover gives extra strong support which is a quality of a premium hot tub cover. There is a 5-year guarantee of water absorption which eliminates the need for buying a new spa cover in a long time. To enjoy the endless baths in your very own tub, always trust custom made

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