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Caring for your lawn or self propelled lawn mower can be a very pleasurable activity, delivering to you a great sense of achievement and satisfaction. Maybe you started out with a yard that was patchy and bare, with a few token grass clumps, surrounded by the normal perennial and all too common lawn weeds. Maybe you started out with a new position or job as green keeper or football field keeper, having been given the task of improving the quality and appearance of the grass. Whatever your reason for carrying out research and finding this site, you can rest assured that I will advise you on the correct lawn tools that are available to help you achieve your goal or task! Walk behind mowers also known self propelled lawn mowers. If you have a bigger lawn, I prefer you buy Best Lawn Tractor.

If your goal is to maintain your own small yard which has a reasonably small lawn in it, I can advise you on the merits of using a push lawn mower. These self propelled lawn mowers are the least expensive mowers on the market, guaranteed to deliver to you a beautiful manicured lawn with a little effort. A walk mower, push lawn mower or push reel lawn mower which ever you know it as, or whatever you call it, has to be the simplest machine to operate. The maintenance on the machine is minimal, all you have to do is to grease or oil a few small moving mechanical parts a couple of times a year. It is a good idea to have the cylinder blades sharpened regularly to maintain that manicured look of a beautiful lawn.

More good news about these walker mower's or self propelled lawn mower, is that they are the friendliest of all mowing machines when it comes to the environment. With no emissions of toxic fumes, or leaks of pollutants into the soil, these machines are truly green, as green as the grass you will be mowing. The only noise you will hear is the melodic rhythm of the wheels turning the blades as they cut the grass, as you push and pull the mower with a steady mowing action.
Electric lawn mowers and cordless lawn mowers also have their place when mowing a lawn, the advantages and disadvantages of using them will be explored later on in this site.
There are other choices of machines to use, depending on the size of the area to be mowed. The next option would be the walk behind self propelled gas mower. These mowers along with the riding mowers are the next step up when it comes to the size of the area to be mowed.
Zero turn lawn mowers are a speedy option with a terrific work rate, they are versatile and deliver results when needed. If one of your tasks include, clearing some overgrown brush in your yard, then you will need a walk behind brush cutter, this machine as you will find out, will clear almost any overgrown vegetation or brush in a very short time.
When you upscale the job to be done, there are plenty of machines available to help you get the job done. Like for instance, commercial lawn mowers and finish lawn mowers, these machines will mow acres of lawns on golf courses, football fields and parks. With just one operator the work can be carried out swiftly and profitably.
Lawn sweepers are an invaluable machine to have in your arsenal of machinery. You will truly appreciate their value during the fall and early spring. The many types available and their optimum uses will be explained later on in this site.
I will give you a list of my top rated push lawn mowers right here, and as you will see I will give you a list of my recommended manufacturers of the machines I write about based on my experience of their use and performance.
Here is my list of my best rated push lawn mowers.
  • Lawn boy push mowers
  • Scots push lawn mowers
  • Weed eater push lawn mowers
  • American lawn mower company

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