Things to Consider while Choosing Desert Safari in Company Abu Dhabi


Hiring a desert safari company in Abu Dhabi isn’t an easy job as there are many companies operating there and everyone claims to be the best. The people who first time visit Abu Dhabi, finds it difficult to choose a company that suits well with their budget and needs. Thousands of people visit Abu Dhabi desert Safari everyday to experience the real essence of Arab culture. They want to explore maximum in less time and budget. Everyone has different requirements, but comfort is an essential demand as nobody wants to face any inconvenience in the vast stretched desert.  We are going to discuss some noteworthy tips in the article which will help you in selecting a desert safari company in Abu Dhabi. 

Camp Information
There are different types of camps the companies offer. The variety is good for people having limited budget as they can’t afford luxurious camps having immense fees. Here are some camp types you find on Abu Dhabi desert Safari:
Shared Camps: Companies collaborate with each other and make shared camps. These camps are economical and ideal for people having limited budget. The drawback of these shared camps is that you have to compromise on the quality of food and level of entertainment.
Large Private Camps: These camps host hundreds of people at the same time. It’s an ideal type for those who like to get socialized and hell for those who don’t want any interference in their personal matters. You have to wait for your turn in the queues for getting food or experiencing any adventure.
Small Private Camps: The condition of personalized services is better in small private camps than large private camps. Small private camps only entertain hundred guests. The food quality, facilities, and other comforts are exalted. The cost of this type is higher but it gets justified with the premium facilities.
Private Set-Up:  The most luxurious type of camping in Abu Dhabi. More staff hosts the guests while the comfort level is unmatched. Food, vehicles, washroom, and entertainment facilities are included in the package. Private set-up is highly costly and affordable only for those having huge budget.
Food and Entertainment
Get complete detail of food and entertainment types included in the package. Make sure that food they are offering is of high quality and hygienic as poor quality food and ruin your entire trip. There are several questions you can ask about the food to judge the quality of the food, i.e. is the food precooked or fresh cooked?  What is the time or dinner and how many dishes you will serve? Similarly, confirm the entertainment facilities that are the part of your package in order to get the right estimation of your budget. Inquire them about dune bashing, skiing, camel trekking, and belly dance. Prefer a company that doesn’t eliminate the factor of cultural heritage as it’s the most important factor of desert Safari Abu Dhabi.
Type of Drive
Wildlife and dune bashing are the two common types of drives available in desert Safari Abu Dhabi. Wildlife drive is suitable for everyone and always prefer it if you aren’t physically fit or have any issue like neck or back pain. Smooth drive keeps you safe while your body has to endure fewer jolts. On the other hand, bash drive is ideal for youngsters and adventure lovers who want to test their adventure skills amidst desert dunes. If you are physically fit, young, and have no medical issue then never miss dune bashing as it’s full of thrill and excitement for that you come in desert Safari Abu Dhabi. 

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