Canyon Curtain Valances for that Rustic Look


Country style curtains create a warmer atmosphere. And valances can help make the curtains less boring. And when it comes to this type of window treatment, you should consider the Canyon Curtain Valances.

The Canyon Curtain Valances by Park Designs allows you to bring the outdoors in your home. The printed design will reminds you of grained wood and rough barks of the woods. The striped design and the right earth tones will turn your home into a country house or a log cabin.

By using the valances from Park Designs here, you improve the look and feel of the home. It is made of 100 percent cotton rags with dimensions of 72 inches wide by 14 inches tall. That means it is ideal for windows with width of less than 72 inches. To ensure that the valance is of the right size, measure the width of the window first. You can do this by measuring the length of the existing curtain rod, or the actual window itself. If you choose to do the latter, then you need to add several inches for the valance to extend outside the window frame.

By using the valances, you improve the aesthetic value of not just the window but the entire room as well. While the earth tones creates a wonderful border at the top of the window. People will definitely notice it as soon as they enter the room. When you use a valance, the ceiling will look taller, and the room will be airier. The earth tones can also provide a balance with the interior design or decors found inside the room.

When you buy the Canyon Curtain Valances, you might also consider getting the Canyon Rag Rug that comes in three sizes. The area rug is made out of the same material and has the same design as that of the valances. The items complement each other and will be good additions to your home. You can turn any room into a rustic one by just using the valances with the rug.

The best thing about the Canyon Curtain Valances is that you can use them on their own, without any country curtains. That way you have a clearer view of the outside, as well as allow more natural light to enter the room. It makes the room airier and open. Using valances alone is recommended for rooms where privacy is not a concern.

For a rustic feel, use the Canyon Curtain Valances. You can part it with light colored or other earth toned country curtains. You can use the valances in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and any other rooms of your home. 

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