Choosing the perfect flooring option for your kitchen


When it comes to redecorating their kitchen, lots of people tend to forget about the floor. This can be a huge mistake. A worn-out floor will make a room look outdated, with kitchen floors tending to look the most worn out of all. This is because the kitchen floor goes through a lot every week, from dirty shoes to spilt food and drinks to cleaning products.

Thankfully, new flooring can completely transform the appearance of a room. If you are ready to update your kitchen, check out these cheap and popular flooring options to ensure you get the best possible value for your money.
Rubber has gained in popularity as a kitchen flooring option in recent years due to its modern style and durability. It is also softer and warmer than other flooring options, such as concrete, and more comfortable to walk on. You can buy rubber tiles or sheets to cover the floor; in addition, there are lots of different texture options to choose from, such as ridged or smooth. We recommend that you choose a smooth surface, which is the easiest to clean.
Vinyl can replicate lots of different surfaces, including stone, wood and mosaic patterns; therefore, you are sure to be able to find a style that is perfect for your kitchen. Vinyl is well-suited to the kitchen, as it is easy to clean and water resistant; therefore, you won’t need to spend hours cleaning and maintaining it. Vinyl is also a highly durable material that can last upwards of 20 years and is very affordable.
Cork flooring is very eco-friendly - removing the bark from cork oak trees means they live longer, actively helping the environment It is also a great insulator and is very comfortable to walk on. It is antibacterial, which means it is resistant to mildew and mould, and easy to clean, making it the perfect choice for the kitchen; in addition, it is very beautiful and there are lots of different colours to choose from when you visit a supplier such as
Stone is a classic kitchen flooring choice, as it is beautiful, long-lasting and easy to clean. It is also a good heat conductor for underfloor heating; however, it can get quite cold without heating.

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