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Here is a perception amongst South African Youth that education is not necessary for prosperity. By education I mean, Formal Western academic Education, in other words School & possibly University. These are the people from the youth involved in gangs and based their lives on street cred. Few would suggest the one should not make plans that involve ones winning the lottery.:p Education is a general term, and applies to learning of all kinds. In order to prosper, you need to know what you're doing, so education is the only way to be prosperous. If you're talking about a specific education, probably Western and based on academic topics, then you would be training yourself to be prosperous only in academic pursuits. Educating yourself in gang related things, would help you be prosperous in a gang, which is what some inner city youth feel they have to do in order to stay alive. The same probably applies to South African youth. To them, studying math isn't as important for life as it would be to suburban American youth. Hypothetically if Someone has a redneck family member, who would think college is a waste of time. It teaches the population to pursue academics. If you live in the mountains, you would need to educate yourself in survival skills like hunting, fishing, camping, etc. So does that really make any difference? Yes, but not the way you're probably thinking. Prosperity depends on the specificity of the education. The one argument that I came across is that education is necessary for general prosperity: it is not necessary for everyone if you want the massive disparity in prosperity we see extant today. It's no coincidence that those nations that have the highest education levels across all levels of society also tend to have the greatest percentage of their population reasonably prosperous. I.e most western countries and the economic tigers of Asia. Those countries with the lowest education levels across society usually have a far greater percentage of their populations far from prosperous, and often only a few people at the very top of the tree having any form of prosperity at all. I.e most of Africa, and the Middle East. Again, these are all opinions of people on the basis of their experience and the observations they had made. Let us take a look at some of the benefits and advantages of the basic education subjects like Maths, Physics and Chemistry: Read all about it, Here. In the above article you would read about : Chemistry Appearances, Drugs, Medicines, Physics Amazing world, How machine works, Gravity. Maths Coding, Profits and losses, Human calculator Embibe is India's best, personalised exam preparation platform. It focuses on improving student performance in the fastest time possible using data around accuracy, speed, time management and attempt strategy. In fact, students across different levels of ability have improved their marks by up to 23% after taking just one test on the system! Embibe is an online preparation platform for students aspiring for high stake exams like JEE mains/ advance, BITSAT and NEET/CET/AIIMS.

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