Some well-known Electric Patio Heaters available in the market


An electric patio heater is a great place for entertaining and unwinding. But the cold evening air can kill the good atmosphere. A good solution is a patio heater that will allow you to make the most of your time outdoors both in summer and cold winter. They have become quite popular the recent years and now there is a big choice of models available. There are also many variations in style and the power source. You can find heaters that use firewood or artificial logs, as well propane and natural gas powered heaters.

To get the best quality and most efficiency, look for the best electric patio heater. Below we have provided patio heater reviews of the top picks in 2014. Choosing a patio heater, consider a power sources that would be more suitable for you as well as the design, with the look of which you will be happy all year long. But keep in mind that patio heaters are designed to affect only the area that’s in close proximity. So don’t expect your whole patio to be flooded with heat.

Golden Frame:
This electric patio heaters not only looks great in your garden, but it can produce plenty of heat to keep you and your guests warm on a summer’s night. This is a commercial grade patio heater that has a 46,000 BTU heat output. It is the perfect addition to any patio area for the summer and the design makes it simple to use and reliable.

A pilotless design ensures that no fuel will be wasted, as happens with other “fast ignition” style systems. Instead, you can simply enjoy a reliable ignition that lights the gas every time. You don’t even need to think about the chance of the wind blowing out the pilot light any more. In the past, if the pilot light blew out on your patio heater, you’d end up left in the cold, as the heater would stop working immediately so then you’d have to light it up again.

To give this patio heater some style and elegance in your patio, it is made with an eye-catching design and a matte mocha finish. This makes the heater as much of an ornament as it is an appliance. In addition, it comes on mobility wheels so that you can easily move it around your garden when you need to.
To ensure that the heater will not blow over, even in high winds, it has a heavy base that is filled with sand. This adds an additional 30lb on to the weight of the heater so that it can be left outside safely.

The biggest issue with electric patio heaters, of course, is that you have to plug them in. Most outdoor spaces don’t have easy access to plugs and users don't want to run long electrical cords outdoors. Also, these models generally don’t have the flame effect that customers appreciate in commercial settings. Propane and natural gas heaters often become a centerpiece and attractive addition to your space thanks to this feature. for more visit

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