Tribulus terrestris has multiple function in the body: it can also enhance the effectiveness of testosterone


Tribulus terrestris or Tribulus is an herb with immense effects on testosterone and everything related with this important male hormone. In ancient Indian medicines, the name of this herb could be found in several occasions. It has played a significant part in improving virility, and vitality. In traditional Chinese medicines, evidence of application of this herb has been traced 3000 years back. The herb is indigenous to Southern Asia, Australia, Africa, and several European countries. It is now available in form of supplements and drugs under different brand names. Experts often recommend this utterly beneficial supplement to enhance muscular strength, lean mass, and energy. Several studies have proven beyond doubt that Tribulus has the capacity to protect the organs, and increase the levels of testosterone significantly. Thus, people in sports also use this supplement for the betterment of their performance.

Basic ingredients in Tribulus terrestris
Mainly, the root of this herb is used for medicinal purposes and manufacturing supplements. The root contains the following ingredients:
  • ·         Protodioscin
  • ·         Vitamin C
  • ·         Dioscin, and Diosgenin
  • ·         Tribulosin
  • ·         Saponins in form of Protodibestin and tribestin that structurally look like Gitogenin.
  • ·         Hectogenin

In many countries, especially in India and China, the fruit of this herb is also abundantly used as medicine, and also to manufacture supplements. A typical Tribulus fruit certainly contains steroidal saponins, and Furostanol based steroidal saponins among other important ingredients.
Benefits of Tribulus terrestris
Here are some advantages of using Tribulus terrestris:
  • ·         It enhances the effectiveness of testosterone, which in turn helps in enhancing many bodily functions. It is a powerful aphrodisiac, it can increase libido both in men, and women.

  • ·         It increases the production of spermatozoa. In males, it can rectify any disorder that causes lower levels of sperm production in the male reproductive system. In females, it promotes ovulation, and replenishes any problem related to it.

  • ·         It efficiently rectifies erectile dysfunction, and any other problems in sexual performance in males.

  • ·         In females, some physical problems may occur during menopause due to some hormonal dysfunction. On regular use of Tribulus supplement, all such problems disappear.

  • ·         Tribulus is immensely beneficial in many cardiovascular diseases. It controls blood pressure, and efficiently balances different cardiovascular functions. It is also known for its different cardioprotective functions.

  • ·         In the treatment of high cholesterol, diabetes, and overweight, experts or physicians often advise regulated use of Tribulus.

  • ·         The supplement is also beneficial in strengthening the immunity of the body. It keeps the vital organs, like kidneys, liver and stomach in perfect condition. It also improves blood circulation and natural oxygenation of the body.

  • ·         Its benefits for building muscle is quite popular around the world. It also increases lean mass of the body. Thus, the supplement is extremely beneficial for the athletes and other sports persons.

Dosage of Tribulus terrestris
Tribulus doesn’t require for a long time at a stretch. Experts advise to follow two weeks of continuous use, and then at least one week’s break. Doses vary 600-1200mg per day, which can be taken in one dose or in two doses every day. People mostly use capsules of Tribulus; however, the liquid form of this supplement is also available in the market.

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