Beautiful Morocco Tour and Shopping in Morocco


Traveling to Morocco should be an amazing experience. There are many things so do and it seems like tourists never get bored of being in this place; you never stop doing activities, there are so many things to do that you feel lost and you do not know where to start. Usually, the Morocco Tour already offer some activities in an itinerary that you take to follow step by step but if you want to do extra things that the Tour does not tell you there are many recommendations for you – taking into account people’s opinion about their favorite activities in Morocco.

The first recommendation and this is dedicated for both women and men, is going to a shop and spending your money. It may seem bad and most people do not like this as they want to save all the money to do other expensive activities, but it is always a good chance to buy something that you really like here in Morocco – taking into account that there are plenty of shops to visit and sellers offering you stuffs.

Different from other countries, it is not recommended to go to a mall in order to get something. In Morocco, there are many souks that are commonly one street full of places in which many things are sell. Here you can find whenever you are looking for and there are not cars, so the only thing you are going to find is people walking just like you and maybe some donkeys. This place may seem a little crazy at first since many people come here and buy, along sellers screaming and trying to sell any single thing they have in their shops, but despite of that I can assure you are going to find what you are looking for.
If you know what you need to buy, you just need to go to the specific place and get it – without paying attention to other sellers trying to sell more things and if you do not know what to buy, you can go around and look at the shops until you find something you like, after everything there are many shops and it will be almost impossible to end the trip with your empty hands. A good advice for beginners buying in the souks could be going to smaller souks, they are easy to go and you will not get lost easily.

If you want a great price, you can start doing magic which means “bargain”. This is a common activity here in Morocco and you should not feel afraid about bargaining, this is a natural process and some sellers tend to be worse than others, you just need to find a relative price that suit the seller and you, so try to be patient and get a good price. It is important to know that if you are not expected to buy something, do no try to bargain, just do that if you are thinking about buying the trip; you do not want to start a contract if you are not willing to pay at least one dirham for that. Do not worry if you think that you can only find carpets, pots or jewelry, there is food and other great things you can buy and you will definitely want to get it.

So, if you are still having doubts about buying things in Morocco you just need to start going to the souks, remember that no shopping experience is no complete until you get one thing in the souk; you just end with you happy face.

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