Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour


Gaming is a very hardcore hobby and it is not easy to leave that hobby easily. You need a lot of motivation to leave that hardcore drug like a hobby. But gaming is also very good if played for a fixed time limit. But if played for whole days it could make your sight weak the amazing spider man 2 apk. You need to make a schedule and give proper attention to your studies as well.
Gaming makes your brain healthy if played for a fixed time limit daily. It can make your brain to think more logically. It can make your perceptions and reflexes more strong. But if played more than limit it could also make you a dumb boy with no brain and can make your eyesight weak as well. It can also make you a failure in studies because game addiction is not an easy addiction to leave. Once you get it, its very hard for you to leave it.
Games are probably the best thins given to us by the computer programmers. They can change our mood and make us happy. They can also provide a good bunch of entertainment when we are feeling bored. So that's why they have a hardcore hobbyist who can play games for the whole day.
Now as the time is passing and there are many innovations coming in the field of game development. The graphics are improving continuously and are becoming the high definition. The gameplay and all other features are improving continuously and that's why the number of game lovers is increasing.
One of the results of this high-end development is a mind blowing game “Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour”.  This awesome game with high definition graphics is developed and published by “Gameloft Montreal”. It was published for iOS,android,windows phone 8,blackberry 10 and blackberry playbook. It was considered a very good game with best graphics and received a good number of positive reviews from its users. It is played from the perspective of the first person. So basically it is a first person shooter game. It can be played either in single player mode against computer AI or multiplayer mode. It is basically a sequel to the modern combat series. And it has basically all the features of its series. The game also has some features and similarities from the call of duty.

The teaser video of this excellent game was released by Gameloft on 25th September 2012. It can be seen in the teaser that this version has improved graphics over its predecessors and has some shadow effects as well which made this game the best in the market. Some of the advanced features in this game were more advanced gameplay and more military tactics and more tactical as well as strategic missions.

The controls of the game are good as well. There are virtual buttons on the screen, with which the game is controlled and played. The virtual stick is also used for movements while gyroscopic control is also available. The player can do all basic movements involved in any high-end military game.

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