4 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity using Hiking Shoes


Today everyone tries to find a use for something else - something like recycling but we call it up cycling. This is where you take something old and unwanted and make it new again. Let’s be honest this is an inexpensive and cheap way to create new items for your home, for your office, for your car and so on and all you need is to have a walk around the house and find out what you don’t need or use anymore. Out of all the things that are up cycled hiking shoes haven’t been on the top of the list but for those nature and hiking lovers there is so much else you can do with them. Grow your creativity by using those worn and torn hiking shoes for new purposes.

1.    Make Amazing Plant Pots
The first thing that comes to find when thinking about how to craft up a pair of men’s best hiking shoes is plant pots. You can line them with plastic, make a few holes in the bottom for the water to drain out and go ahead and plant herbs, flowers and even veggies. You can use them inside and outside or even nail them to the walls to make hanging plant pots. You can jazz them up and paint them to add a little bit of color too.

2.    Make a Cute Birdhouse
Another idea is to make a birdhouse from your old hiking shoes. All you need to do is be a little creative and glue them together with the toe facing downwards. This will give the birds somewhere to sit. They will hide in the shoe and keep warm there. Make sure you attach them to some kind of shelf where you can put bird feed out for them.

3.    Snazz them Up and Make Ornaments
If you want to keep your hiking shoes just for a memory keepsake then think about making them into ornaments. Polish them, clean them and paint them or decorate them. You can add small pictures with pegs onto the laces and everyone will be jealous of your neat photo ornament idea.

4.    Re-use them as Holders for Organizing Your Home
Another cute idea seen all over the web is using old shoes for organizing items in and around your home. Line them up in the bottom of your wardrobe and use one for odd socks, one for paired socks, one for underwear and so on. You can even use them in the kitchen to hold cooking utensils (make sure they are clean though) or you can use them in your lounge to hold the remote controls. There are so many things you can do so just have a look around and see what is laying about that needs a new home and pop it in an old pair of hiking shoes.

Be Creative With Hiking Shoes

Next time you wear out that expensive pair of hiking shoes don’t just throw them in the bit but instead come up with some ideas that will bring out your creative side. If all else fails then use them as gardening shoes!  For more guides visit http://www.hikingshoesinfo.com/best-hiking-boots/

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