FengShui is a Chinese art of placing certain objects or things in such a manner so that negative energies or forces are reversed and channelized into positive forces. Fengshui offer many products like Laughing Buddha, Pakua/ Bagua Tower, Evil eye, Chinese Coins and Money Frog to bring positivity, luck and success in life. The Pagoda tower or Education Tower is an important tool or symbol of FengShui which brings educational or academic success/ luck to the bearer. It helps in increased concentration level and better intellect.
Pagodas are the temples of knowledge and peace. Pagoda shaped architecture of temples is common in Buddhism and its follower countries like China, Nepal, Japan and even some part of India. They connect the luck of heaven and Earth. It is believed that a person who possesses intellect can weather any storm like a Pagoda. Pagodas help organize the otherwise unorganized or wandering minds. Pagodas have the power to remove the negativity and evil distractions from our minds and take them towards the path of enlightenment.
Education tower in FengShui garners the same effect as that of the real Pagoda. It helps all those people or children who gets poor grades/ marks or lack concentration power. Many children also get easily distracted while studying, have a short attention span or have attention deficit disorder. This pagoda tower will help enhance their attention span and will positively reflect on their results and confidence level. It will be very useful for all those students who are preparing for entrance examinations or who wish to get in better educational institutes. The Education tower will bring luck to such student. The FengShui Education tower will also help job seekers with better job prospects.  There are many sites like kalyanpuja which have a good collection of Fenshui items.
Education tower comes in three shapes:  
  • 5-tiered representing the five elements of nature.
  • 7-tiered reflecting prosperity and good luck per Buddhism.
  • 9-tiered representing the entire universe.

Placement of the Education tower holds great importance. Ideally Education Tower should be kept on the study table of your child. But it can be placed differently as per the varying needs:

  • North: New and good career prospects
  • North-West: Good friends
  • East: Good health
  • South-West: Better relationship

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