Guides to choose Kolcraft Contours Lite Stroller


For parents who want a best Jogging stroller that is lightweight and easy to use, the Kolcraft Contours Lite fits the bill.  One of the lightest standard strollers we’ve tried, and it has just enough features to make it a great everyday stroller.

The Kolcraft Contours Lite has a five-point harness, which we prefer because it the safest option for your child.  Five-point harnesses strap over the child’s shoulders, across their waist, and between their legs to help prevent them from getting free.  The harness is also height-adjustable and padded so that you can get a snug fit. This standard stroller does have rear wheel brakes that will lock it in place when you need to let go of the handle.  You do have to lock each wheel separately, however. The Kolcraft Contours Lite offers a more modern look with its larger, single wheels.  It also has bright fabric choices that will stand out in a crowd and are easy to clean.

This Kolcraft stroller’s sun canopy is fixed and could be larger.  It does provide adequate sun protection during the brightest parts of the day. We were a little disappointed in the trays for parents and kids.  With this standard stroller mom and dad only get a cup holder, no tray – so if you have a drink you will have to find someplace else to hold your cell phone and keys.  The child’s tray is small and mounted kind of high, so if your child is small they may have a problem seeing around it.  It is removable though if that is a concern of yours.

One great thing about the Kolcraft Contours Lite is that it has a good deal of storage for such a lightweight standard stroller.  You should have no problems sticking your diaper bag underneath. The Kolcraft Contours Lite is very lightweight, so it is easy to lift in and out of vehicles.  It also offers a one-hand fold, though you do have to manually latch it.  For as light as it is, this standard stroller could fold up a bit smaller, but it is not so huge that it takes up your entire trunk.  It does stand when folded, allowing it to be easily stored in a closet when not in use.

The Kolcraft Contours Lite handles very well on smooth surfaces and steers easily.  The larger wheels help it to handle things like curbs fairly easily.  However, since the front wheels don’t lock it can be a bit difficult to push over bumpy terrain. Another aspect we could wish for is an adjustable handle.  For taller parents the handle is a bit short, though it is adequate for people of average height.
The Kolcraft Contours Lite does offer a multi-position seat.  The seat reclines some, but it does not go all the way back.  Since the seat does not recline flat and the stroller cannot be used with an infant carrier, it is definitely designed for children over 6 months of age. The Kolcraft Contours Lite will not be suitable for someone with a very young infant. It also does not act well as an all-terrain stroller.
The Kolcraft Contours Lite offers the basic features for the price tag.  Our biggest complaint is the fact that it cannot be used at all with a young infant, meaning that you would have to have two strollers.  We would also love to see a better parent tray for when we are on the go.

The Kolcraft Contours Lite offers all the basic features that you would want from a stroller, and is a great deal for the cost.  The light weight of this standard stroller makes it an excellent candidate to keep in the car for those trips about town.  Its easy-clean fabric and toddler-friendly design make it a perfect stroller for families with small children. Visit for more guides

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