Harvester Ward council member Tran Siu


Tran Siu and Harvester Ward:
As a devoted illustrative of the general population of Harvester Ward Council, Tran Siu keeps on concentrating on objectives of significant group changes. Councilor Tran Siu has the demonstrated authority qualities which are accepted to guarantee the accomplishment of those changes. He effectively helped re-frame the Sunshine Traders Group (STG) to the new Sunshine Business Association (SBA). The principal undertaking on their plan was to frame a more grounded and differing administration advisory group. This was to make an all the more long-standing establishment and have the capacity to pull together, similar agents, to have the capacity to cooperatively deal with shared objectives and that was to better their encompassing group. Harvester Ward Council, Tran Siu could utilize his authority capacities to pull in the majority of the neighborhood merchants, malls, banks, genuine bequests and nearby organizations to go to customary gatherings to set aggregate objectives to accomplish.

In October 2009, the principal SBA occasion was facilitated "Daylight Lantern Festival" which finished more than 100 sustenance and embellishment stand, rides, arrange exhibitions and numerous more exercises which saw a wide range of social presentations. Indeed, even it was the windiest and wettest day recorded for the year still thousands turn out in support for the SBA occasion. It has been said that individual administration is the way toward keeping our vision and values before us and adjusting our lives to be consistent with them. This adage could without much of a stretch have been expressed to portray Tran Siu. As at an early stage as his days as an understudy at the elementary school, Tran Siu was recognized for his administration qualities and abilities. Indeed, even as a youthful sixth-grade understudy, the associates of and instructors of Tran Siu perceived his initiative qualities. Those understudies demonstrated their trust in him by choosing youthful Tran Siu to be their Student President.

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