How to choose Chicco Ct0.6 Capri Stroller


We loved that the Chicco Ct0.6 is so light, yet has a 5 point harness.  5 point harnesses are preferred for safety reasons because they hold the child in more securely.  This means less of a risk of them wiggling or bouncing out of the lightweight stroller, even under uneven surfaces.
The Chicco Ct0.6 also features locking front wheels to make travel over uneven ground easier and rear brakes that allow you to lock the stroller into place when you are not moving.

From an appearance perspective the Chicco Ct0.6 is compact looking.  However, it has a couple of options to help it stand out in the crowd – we loved the Topazio because the bright blue is easy to spot from anywhere.

At just 11 pounds this best lightweight stroller is very easy to carry around.  It even comes with its own carrying bag to make transporting it even simpler.  It folds up like an umbrella stroller, though it is a bit longer than expected when folded.  It still fits in the trunk of our car, but if you have limited storage space the length could be a problem.  We also disliked that the wheels do hit the canopy when you fold it up, so you will want to make sure they are wiped off to prevent the canopy from getting dirty.

The Chicco Ct0.6 has a nice-sized sun canopy, and we had no problems adjusting it to provide the coverage we wanted for our little one.
One downside to the Chicco Ct0.6 is that it doesn’t have a lot of storage space.  There is a basket under the seat, which is a plus for a lightweight stroller, but it will only hold a small bag.  If you are planning an extended trip to the mall, then this stroller will not be able to carry your bags for you.  There are also no cup holders or snack trays, so if you like to eat or drink on the go you may want to invest in an add on accessory.

The Chicco Ct0.6 is amazingly convenient.  It folds up small, has its own carrying case, and is easy to just toss over one shoulder – in fact, my diaper bag weighs more than this stroller some days.  It makes for a great stroller for trips to the airport since it is so easy to carry around or even just to keep in your car for those unexpected trips out.

The Chicco Ct0.6 has a seat that reclines slightly – not enough for a newborn but enough that your toddler could take a nap.  The harness is padded for extra comfort.  The sun canopy is fully adjustable so your little one will be able to ride in comfort no matter what the weather.
The Chicco Ct0.6 handles very well, and is easy to steer.  It doesn’t work so well over sand given the small wheels, but for trips around the block or around the mall it works great.  Its small size makes it easy to navigate through doorways and down store aisles.
We didn’t like the height of the Chicco Ct0.6’s handles.  While I can push it comfortably, my husband has to bend over, so it is not comfortable for him to push for extended periods of time.
This stroller is only for children who can sit up on their own and are less than 37 pounds.  This lightweight stroller will not be ideal for young infants or larger and heavier toddlers.
This stroller does not have much storage space for your bags.  We also wished it would hold larger toddlers as it is so convenient to take with you!

The price tag on the Chicco Ct0.6 can’t be argued with. It is a great stroller for the price, and so lightweight and convenient you will be able to take it with you.  While it is not decked out in accessories, the sheer portability of this stroller will have you choosing it again and again over your larger models. Read more Reviews

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