How to choose Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle


The Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle offers smooth magnetic resistance in a compact design. The computer on the unit tracks the burning of calories, distance, time and speed for the user. The bike offers a power coated finish, adjustable foot straps on the counterbalanced pedals and is easily moved with the transport wheels. There is a knob for adjusting the tension and eight levels available for resistance.

The frame offers the ability to get on and off of the Mag Cycle easily as it is designed to step through. The seat can be made to suit those with various sizes and body types since it is adjustable. The frame is comfortable to those who have had a recent injury or just find the traditional designs to be uncomfortable.

The Mag Cycle weighs sixty-six pounds in addition to including the following features:
  • Different levels of fitness are catered to with the easily adjustable knob for tightening the tension.
  • eight levels of preset pre-set resistance are available on the recumbent exercise bike
  • calories, time, distance and speed are tracked on the large display console
  • built in transport wheels, adjustable foot straps on counterbalanced pedals

The Mag Cycle has a total of two-hundred and fifty-six Amazon reviews that give it an average overall rating of four out of five stars.

The negative review that was considered to be the most helpful gave the unit a rating of three out of five stars. The reviewer found that even though setting up the bike was easy adjusting it was difficult. A factory installed screw had to be removed to adjust the bike to the shortest length. The reviewer who was just over five feet tall found that even the shortest setting was too long for them when attempting to utilize the cycle.

The positive review found to the most helpful gave the unit a rating of five out of five stars. The reviewer adored the cycle and found the seat so comfortable they would forget how long they had been using the bike. The adjustments of the seat, tension and ability to rotate the pedals in either direction was a positive point for the reviewer. The unit was found to be easy to store since it moved across floors with ease as a result of the rollers on the bottom of it. The quietness of the machine and the fact that it tracked progress were both a positive aspect to the reviewer. The display can be set to show a specific item being tracked or to go back and forth although the reviewer did find they had to remove the handle bars because they kept hitting them. The reviewer would have like to have a headrest on the bike.

Overall the majority of reviewers found themselves extremely satisfied with the cycle and the fact that it showed them exactly what they had done on the display was something that most of the reviewers enjoyed. As a result we can recommend the Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle to consumers that would like to get fit in the privacy of their own home. For more guides and reviews

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