How to sell your house


You wouldn’t have to spend too much time doing research to know that the real estate market has been very hot in Canada. For this reason, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try to take advantage of this hot market by selling your house. Nowadays, more than ever, homeowners are turning to for sale by owner platforms to make even more money when selling a house. The reasoning for this is due to how fast houses have been selling as of late, especially in highly populated areas such as Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, and Montreal. Homeowners believe that they can use this to their advantage and save money on real estate commissions.

Selling your house for sale by owner can be very difficult if you are unaware of the tasks and responsibilities that you must handle in order to be successful. This method can save you a lot of money, but if you overlook certain aspects of the selling process, your home could end up taking a lot longer to sell than you initially planned. If you do your research and follow these important suggestions, you should have a much better idea of how to sell your house.

One could argue that the most simple and effective way to help sell your house is to list on MLS®. Purchasing a flat fee MLS® listing will direct a large number of visitors from to your listing. While this may not be the “be all end all” for how to sell your house, it will certainly give your house the additional exposure required to sell your house. receives millions of visitors so if you list on mls®, your home will be viewed by a large number of potential buyers.

Another valuable tip that will help you sell your house is to make sure it looks great on the inside and outside, so that buyers will have a good first and last impression of your house. This is a very simple thing to do, and it doesn’t have to cost you any money to accomplish this. There are many things that you can do in no time to assure that your home will look fabulous when taking pictures and when buyers come by for a viewing. Things to consider doing include: cleaning the windows (inside and outside), mowing the lawn (or shoveling the driveway), turning on the lights and opening the blinds, and decluttering your home. When having a showing, an open house, or when taking pictures, make sure that your pets are out of the house; use air fresheners to hide the odours that they leave behind. Nobody wants to see or smell pets when looking to buy a house. These tips may seem obvious, but simple things like this often get overlooked by home owners.

In order to receive some valid offers from buyers, you need to make sure your home is reasonably priced. Overpricing a home can cause it to stay on the market for a long time, which can be detrimental for your chances of selling your home. Underpricing can cause bidding wars which is a great thing but it can also lead to disasters if there is no competition between buyers. Be sure to price your home according to the market value of other homes that have sold in your neighbourhood. Even if your house looks fabulous and you list on MLS®, it will not sell unless it is priced according to similar homes in your area.

Selling your own home can save you thousands of dollars by foregoing real estate commissions, but if you don’t put any effort into it, it can end up costing you in the long run. There are many things you can do to facilitate the for sale by owner process; don’t think that this article provides all of your keys to success. We merely discussed some of the most basic, yet very important things to consider when taking the for sale by owner path. Hopefully this has influenced you to commit to further research, giving you a better idea of how to sell your house.  

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