Buying Dash Camera Like A Pro


While passing by some of your favorite Philippine restaurants, dash cams can be used to record the memory. Dash cameras are cameras mounted on the dashboard or windscreen of a car. They are used to record events outside or inside the car depending on the design of the dash camera. Dash camera is not a conventional video camera, this is so because dash cameras must always be in a continuous loop. This is to mean they must always be recording so if the memory is filled up it must delete the oldest records to create more space.
Secondly, they must have an auto switch on and off capability. This is to say when you start your engine so should your camera start recording and stop when the engine stops. Shopping for a dash camera can be challenging to new buyers but here are some tips for buying dash cameras like a pro.
Buying the best dash cameras:
There are many types and models currently discussed in Best Reviews Philippines. This makes it paramount that you are in a position to buy only the best.
1. Select one with the highest video quality
This should be the very first thing you should consider when buying a dash camera. There are some high-quality resolution cameras at decent prices so price should not be an issue. Good video quality ensures that the videos are clear and all images can be easily be interpreted. It is also advisable to test the videos quality before you buy.
2. Choose the most reliable
No like anything that breaks down the few days it is installed. It is advisable to go for already tested technology to be on the safe side. This is so because some companies are merely selling products to make money rather than offering the best quality products to their buyers.
3. Discreet
A dashboard camera should not be easy to spot.Remember that one of the reasons for buying one is for securing your car. Small cameras are ideal as they are easy to place at the back of the rear view mirror. These makes them easy to conceal and do not create distraction or obstacle to when driving. Also remember that this should also be the same for the color you select even though most dash cams are black in color.
4. Select one with the highest processor
These can often result in the difference between two dashcams video quality.High processing power means powerful sensors and lens that you are assured will not fail on you. A cam with high processing power will also support a large memory capacity. Choose the highest processor if you are looking to make a long-term investment it will save you money.
5. Select one that has a power adapter with the longest cable
As previously discussed a cable hanging on your windscreen is not so discreet. Dash cam with a long cable enables you to run it around the windscreen rather than across it.

Dash cams offer more to an individual who installs them on their car. By following these simple steps you are guaranteed to make the best final decision on what dash camera to buy. Furthermore be it to back your insurance claim or evidence of a crime you known that you always have a trustworthy friend to back your story.

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