Equipment a professional wedding photographer mush possess


Being a wedding photographer is a tough ask. You do not just need to be a person with the ability to capture moments perfectly but also need to be someone who have sense to take pictures at the right moment. It is surely a worthwhile event, and everyone will have eyes at photographers to see what he is going to capture. In order to take perfect pictures, there are certain things that you must have in your bag. Here are certain equipment a professional Halifax wedding photographer must possess.

Professional Cameras

You need a professional camera in order to capture appropriate photos. The choice of camera relies heavily on the photographer. Some love the 10D and 20D cameras while others go for the full frame 5Ds. Most of the professionals, that are new in the field, cannot purchase the costly cams. If this is the case with you, trying buying a used one. Normally, you will find a 5D mark II in the range of $2500. And even a used 5D or 5D Mark II can be of great help. But ensure that the camera has everything in working condition before buying a used one.

Secondly, always keep a backup camera in your bag. What if you fall due to some reason and break your camera in the middle of the event? Well, this is pretty much possible and after that, you will be held responsible for loss of some worthy pictures. Therefore, always have a backup camera in your bag.


You need to have right lenses in your bag in order to ensure best capturing of moments. The following are certain lenses that you should have in your bag:

•    35: It is probably the widest lens available in the market. There are times when you need to take group photos, and you will not find anything much better and more suitable than this one.
•    50: The 50 focal length is something that is highly recommended for all photographers. In terms of full frame camera, it captures the vision approximately equals to the human eye. No matter what sort of lighting conditions are, this lens will be a great pick.
•    85: When it comes to portrait pictures, the most appropriate pick would be 85. It is incredibly flattering and remarkable when it comes to the isolation of objects. There are times when you need to have greater reach, and this is where the lens will come handy.


The following is a list of accessories that will be of great help during a wedding ceremony:
•    Tripod
•    Video Light
•    Flash
•    Flash Diffuser
•    Memory Car
•    Camera Bags
•    Shootsac
•    Memory Card Wallets
•    Lens Pens
•    Spare Batteries
•    Microfiber Towels
•    Rocket Blower
•    SensorKlear Pen

Final words
Above are certain things that are highly helpful and recommended for almost every wedding photographer. However, note that the preferences differ from cameraman to cameraman. Everyone goes with a different approach and has his or her own unique style. Thus, make it certain that you are picking things according to your taste.

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