Hybrid manicure is a solution


Hybrid manicure is one of the latest trends in the nail art. But is not something new and probably most of you have heard of it.  It is a method of nail stylisation applying of a special preparation hardened in the fluorescent lamp. You may ask if is it very similar to classic manicure? Yes, but of course if it is well done, a hybrid manicure is more shiny, and lasts up to 4 weeks. Some tests with Indigo Nails Lab clients shows then even 5-6 weeks is possible. Manicure hybrydowy (as is called in Poland when brand Indigo was established) is recommended to women who look for natural looking and long-lasting effect. One of the best things about hybrid manicure is that it looks fantastic while being very thin and flexible at the same time.

Hybrid manicure is hypoallergenic, and a lot less invasive to the nail's natural structure than other artificial nails often are. Hybrid manicure is healthier because doesn't damage nail surface and definitely cheaper - costs less than tips. It is real alternative for gel or acrylic nails. What's more, any other new styling can be made immediately after the removal procedure as the hybrid manicure is so delicate that it does not damage the plate of the nail and its regeneration is not necessary at all. It is important that hybrid manicure is extremely resistant to mechanical injuries whilst preserving the natural appearance of the nail plate. Of course, hybrid manicure cannot be very cheap, because then we will get products of lower quality, which wont even resemble the true hybrid. Nevertheless, it isn't a big expense, assuming that you can do it one time a month or even rare. The basis of the hybrid manicure is its professional performance and it is very important. Base nn all process guarantee that your manicure can last about 6 weeks in perfect condition. 

As I mentioned earlier, hybrid manicure is one of the latest trends in manicure and the only contraindication to the hybrid manicure is the skin or nail disease. It means, that you should try because hybrid manicure is safe for your nails. Polish gel manicure is a treatment that assure styling without smudges or scratches. You may visit Indigo site or vlog and watch hybrid nails "in action". It is absolutely certain, that hybrid manicure is the best solution if you treasure the natural beauty.

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