Best Tips for Investing in Yourself


The great motivational speaker, thinker and author Jim Rohn once said, “Formal education will give you a job, informal education will make you a fortune.” Learning is a process that should not stop after you get a college degree or finish schooling. There are so many instances of millionaires and billionaires who have made it big in spite of their not-so-flattering economic or academic status because they lived the maxim ‘invest in yourself’.
Warren Buffet, the greatest living investor of our times, who has built an unparalleled fortune by smart stocks picks, credits his acumen to keeping an open mind and learning continually. He says, “The best investment you can make, is in yourself.”
Here’s how you can jumpstart your life to greatness by investing in yourself
Set daily goals and prioritize
Would you step in an airplane without knowing where you want to go?  If we are so specific about our trip, we should apply the same yardstick in this incredible journey of life. Set time-bound goals and break them into segments like monthly, weekly and daily goals. If you are committed to achieving your daily goals, you can be assured that your weekly and monthly goals are taken care of. Obviously, we may not achieve everything that we set out for due to circumstances beyond our control, but at least we will be better off being completely aware of things that need to be done.
The next thing to do after we set our daily goals is to prioritize them. Specify what things in that list need prior attention and how and by what time you would finish them. When you write down your daily goals in paper or a note-taking application and prioritize them, you are among the 3 percent of people in the world who are success-driven. Time is indeed money, and an hour of careful planning can save you several hours of wastage and ambiguity.
Take initiative
Billionaire Mark Cuban said, “Recessions are the best time to start a company. Companies fail. Others hold back capital. If you are willing to do the preparation and work, it is the best time to invest in yourself and start a business.” When you have set your mind to an endeavor, learn the basics, prepare yourself and take the plunge. Do not overthink, you will learn along the way. Mistakes are tools that solidify your learning process. There are so many dreams that have not seen the light of the day, because someone did not take action. When you do not act upon your dream, your dream remains just that – a mere thought.
As an employee, you make a certain amount of income, depending on the hours you have spent at work. When you are self-employed, you get to choose your clients and working hours; you own that job. But even then, the money that you make depends on the hours you spend working on your expertise. If you miss a day, you do not make the money. When you are an entrepreneur, you are leveraging the time and efforts of people to work for you. Thus in essence, you’re a better saver because you create more time, multiply productivity and make more money. Real wealth is a step ahead, when you become an investor. Let’s say you are a mutual fund investor; in this case, you are investing in revenue-generating companies which can compound your wealth. This is when you make money, even when you are asleep.
Follow the 80-20 plan
In a business, the top 20 percent of customer-base tends to give 80 percent of its profits.  As a business owner, you have to concentrate on serving this 20 percent in the best way possible. Similarly, find out the top 20 percent of activities that give 80 percent of returns, and work on them. The rest of the 80 percent of tasks can be delegated while you focus on the 20 percent that deserves your attention.
Invest in reading and watching helpful videos
Always upgrade yourself and keep in touch with the latest trends; this way you will have the winner’s edge. Read motivational books, biographies of successful people, watch videos that can sharpen your expertise and techniques. Today we have access to material that teaches us everything from dining etiquette, becoming the best payday loan lender or launching a space ship. Find out what applies to you and continually invest in yourself by reading referential material and watching videos that enhance your personality and skills. There is a high chance of stumbling upon a million-dollar idea when you read extensively.
Invest in a coach
A great coach can channel your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Hire a personal coach; he or she can be one of your strongest assets. A coach monitors and calibrates your performance, gives you feedback and works on strategies to make sure that you give nothing but your best in everything you do.
Attend seminars and meetings
Find out about events, meetings and seminars that revolve around your field of interest and make it a point to visit them. You can also keep a track of events that are lined up through Facebook and other sites that brief on the events to be held locally. Apart from getting a wealth of knowledge through these interactive seminars, you can also network with several industry professionals and key people who would love to associate with you.
Invest in health
Health is wealth. Our productivity is directly proportional to our health. Make time to exercise every day. Daily activities have many advantages – your body is in perfect shape, your bones become strong, your muscles develop tone and definition; you gain self-confidence. Exercise also helps fuel mental health by making you feel positive about yourself and giving you clarity on achieving things that you set about to do.
Treat your body as a temple, watch what you eat. You do not have to go any diet spree, just eat a balanced diet and stay clear of excess sugar, salt, and oil in your food. There are so many delicious dishes which taste just as good without too much sugar or salt. Make sure you go for your complete medical tests, including dental tests once a year or as your doctor deems best for you. What you can monitor, you can improve upon.
How to invest in you is all about knowing three things
1. Finding out how things are right now
2. Find out how you would like them to be.

3. Working on them now to get to how you want things to be.

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