What is the Exact Dianabol Formula?


This question might be moving around your mind because most steroids available online claim that they have something which the others don’t and that confuses everyone. The easiest way to answer this is to say that Dianabol is a very potent steroid and it is very simple to use, it provides long-lasting results right from the first week you start using it. It is derived from testosterone and it is very strong anabolic properties with a few mild androgenic ones. The chemical composition of Dianabol is C20H288O2 with a molecular weight of 300.44mg/mol.

How it works
Dianabol has a very diverse function base. It helps in increasing the muscle mass of the user’s body; it also increases his/her strength and also helps in burning excess fat in the body. Methandrostenolone is the active ingredient present in Dianabol and it helps in doing all these things. Bodybuilders use it for bridging between cycles as it is a very good bodybuilding supplement, it helps in maintaining the nitrogen levels in the body; protein is formed to balance this increased nitrogen level, which enhances the adaptogenic property increase of the muscles. This increases the working ability of the muscles and the strength is also increased.

The effect of Dianabol
During the presence of Dianabol in the blood stream, the level of insulin doesn’t increase; this gives a very soothing feeling throughout the cycle. During extreme stress periods, application of Dianabol leads to the synthesis of RNA, which decreases the stress levels, appetite is increased and you feel much more comfortable and sleep better. This will help you during your exercise cycles and the exhaustion from training is going to decrease a lot. One of the most important reasons behind athletes and body builders favoring Dianabol is that it increases the strength of muscle in a very small time. The active period of this steroid is from 6 to 8 hours. Usage of Dianabol can be detected in your body even 6 weeks from the date you stop using.

Usage guidelines
The best place to start using Dianabol is to start taking it orally, this will give you the fastest results. Although oral ingestion has the same effect as others, steroid injections are going to provide better results on a weekly basis. We recommend taking 25-50mg doses per day for the first 7 days of the cycle. Although many professional bodybuilders start from 50mg per day, the safest way to start is from 20mg/day and check for side effects, if none is seen then you should increase by 10mg/day till you reach your regular dosage. Usually, a cycle varies from 3 to 6 weeks, and you need to give a break of one and half weeks before starting again.

Buying Dianabol
This steroid is available as syrups, tablets, injectable and capsules. Since this product is used for bridging between cycles, it goes out of stock in many stores very fast. Check all the products and buy whichever one suits you the best. It is widely available for sale online, although you should always check whether the seller is authorized to sell the product or not and if there is any refund policy or not.

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