The 5 Things That HGV Drivers Really Wish That Car Drivers Were Aware Of


Honestly, if you have ever been behind the wheel of a HGV, the average driver has no clue what it is truly like to be in control of one of these vehicles. HGV driver go through rigorous on-going training through exceptional training providers such as in order to be as safe and professional on the road as possible. Nevertheless, people frequently complain about them and professional drivers are not painted in a really positive light by the constant stream of news articles, but the challenges faced by drivers are beyond what most individuals understand. In this article, we will be sharing the top 5 things that HGV drivers wished that other drivers were aware of.

HGVs Are Hard to Manoeuvre

That may seem really obvious, however the average UK driver gets really √°impatient whenever a HGV driver needs to block traffic for a couple of minutes to manoeuvre their trailer. Trust me, we really do understand what your frustrations but when we are attempting to move around an 18-metre vehicle weighing up to 40 tonnes around tight corners, we have limited visibility. The more experienced that a driver is, the more skilled they will be. However, even then, it will still take a couple of minutes to safely do manoeuvres. So give us some trust and space please, that we want to get out of your way as soon as we can.

It Takes Longer to Brake HGVs Than Cars

Another obvious thing that it is definitely worth considering when you are driving either behind us or in front us, is breaking space especially on the motorway. Although you may be able to stop pretty quickly, within around 100 feet usually, a HGV that is fully loaded will need 3 times this distance at least. So if you happen to be driving directly in front of a HGV and you aren't paying close attention to the road, the quick emergency stop that you need to take could cause a serious problem for us which is what frequently causes a motorway crash that involves a HGV. Therefore, please be careful whenever you see us to ensure you brake in enough time. Also please be patient when we are slowing down as we approach roundabouts and intersections.

The Speed on Our Vehicle Is Regulated

You may have noticed a little sign posted on the back part of some HGVs that states "speed regulated at 70." What those signs actually means is that the vehicle is unable to physically go any faster than 70 miles per hour due to an electronic limiter. That is why we frequently are in the far-left hand land of the motorway. Many drivers get so frustrated when they are following behind a HGV. Trust us when we say we can't go any faster and we really are not trying to purposely slow you down.

We Aren't Able to See as Much as You May Think

Due to the size of large vehicles and lorries, drivers can be limited when it comes to what their field of vision is. When it comes to HGV drivers, we definitely need to pay attention and always be on the lookout. However, other drivers and pedestrians need to ensure that they can be seen easily and not get in the way of any HGV since they do tend to have limited visibility. So make sure you keep that in mind.

The Road is for√°Everyone

Based on the average driver profile, the average UK driver is noticeably frustrated by those non-commercial drivers who appear to not understand that the road belongs to everybody. The survey showed that the average road user in the UK doesn't have the care or patience needed with HGVs the way they do with other users of the road. However, HGV drivers are simply doing their jobs. We aren't out there attempting to get in anybody's way or inconvenience people.

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