Uses of Peppermint Oil in the Home


Like all other essential oils, peppermint oil has so much to offer when it comes to health or cleaning the house. In this article we are going to talk about some mind blowing uses of peppermint oil in the home. From insecticide to nice aroma, peppermint oil has never disappointed the users in term of possibilities of its vast usage. Read more to know what you didn’t before.

It has been in used from a long time for making various medicines. This powerful organic compounds found in pepper mint has a soothing effect to the muscles of digestive system. It is also known to reduce muscle spasm, nausea, bloating, indigestion and flatulence etc.

Here are some the uses for home.

best home-made air freshener
4 drops peppermint oil
4 drops wild orange oil
1 tablespoon vanilla extract.
Mix them well and spray your heart out to wherever it is required

Hanged Air freshener.
For this it is advised to add peppermint to the any ornamental object and let it hang anywhere you want to. You can also add few drops of peppermint oil in a used tea bag and let it hang where you want the air to befreshen.

Pet odor remover
House cleaning with essential oils is incomplete if we don’t consider pet odor neutralizing with the help of these oils.
3.5 cups of warm water
1.5 cups of fabric softener
2 tablespoon of  baking soda
20 drops peppermint oil
20 drops of tea tree oil
Mix them one by one and shake till the baking soda gets dissolved. If you don’t like smell of tea tree oil or you think the spray has gotten mintier, you can always change or alter it with some other essential oil of your choice

Peppermint along with tea tree oil
Lime along with peppermint oil
Fill spraying bottle with water and two teaspoons of any of the above mentioned natural essential oil combination. These might not work against broad spectrum microorganism but the effectiveness against E.coli and flu is somewhat proved.

Minty duster and wood cleaner:
This spray is known to lift off the dirt particles in the house, it also gives that glowing shine to the all wood based stuff in the house.

6 ounce of olive oil
2 ounce of distilled vinegar
20 drops peppermint oil
20 drops citrus oil

Give all the ingredients a vigorous shake before using. You can spray this mixture directly to the woods and wipe the wooden surfaces with clean but dry cloth.

Natural insecticide
You can use this insecticide in the garden or all over the house if you want to get rid of the irritating insects.
16 ounce water
10 drops of thyme, rosemary, clove and peppermint oil
1.5 teaspoon of glycerin

Mix all the ingredients gradually in a spraying bottle, it will not only kill the insects but also give your garden or house a fragrance to die for.

Using all natural products to clean the home not only leaves the house squeaky clean but it also gives your house that tangy good smelling fragrance. In this article we have described some uses of peppermint oil in home. Do give it a try and be amazed by the potentials of peppermint oil.

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