CBD Oil introduction - Is it Legal?


Our CBD oil is a biological dietary supplement, made from the best European hemp. This ensures that our CBD oil is as pure as possible. Constant requirements are met and users can rely on a CBD content of at least 2.5%.

Today's most cannabis is grown because of its high THC content, but with hemp it is a completely different story. Industrial hemp is grown because of its high CBD content and of course because of the bast fibers. To reduce the THC content, the oil is diluted until the legal requirements are met safely. This results in an oil with 2.5% CBD and only 0.173% THC, so it is as legal as the organic-grown industrial hemp from which it was made. 

CBD does not cause any stunning of any kind. CBD is the second most common cannabinoid in cannabis, but it has no cognitive effects where its counterpart THC is notorious.
Is it legal?
Yes - this hemp extract contains almost zero percent THC; It is obtained from hemp - since this hemp extract does not have psychoactive activity, it can be completely sold and purchased in the Netherlands and in most other countries. Can be bought from Wholesale CBD Oil dealers.
How do you keep it?
CBD oil is perishable and should therefore be stored out of range of sunlight, preferably in a cool and dark place, such as the refrigerator. 
We do not make medical statements - this hemp extract is only meant for use as a dietary supplement, it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Organic hemp seed oil with capsule 25 mg CBD + CBDa . Each capsule contains 85% hemp seed oil and 15% hemp extract, obtained by CO2 extraction.


Convenient and Effective CBD Capsule Form

CBD oil in capsulevorm works the same as CBD oil in droplet form. Many people prefer CBD oil capsules, for various reasons. The benefits of CBD oil capsules in a row:

The taste

The gel capsules are tasteless. You swallow them all at once and the oil is only released in your stomach. You can not taste the strong taste of the cannabis oil. Some people can not get used to that taste and therefore prefer capsules.

Perfect dose

With droplets it may be difficult to dose the amount of CBD oil you take at a time. With CBD oil capsules you do not have this problem. Because clearly stated how much CBD contains each capsule, you know exactly how much you get.


Biologically Certified

Medihemp is the only Dutch brand with a Biological Certificate and Skal certification. They produce according to strictly controlled European Biological Guidelines. The manufacturer must meet these strict requirements and ensure that the product is of a consistent high quality. By strict control of the entire production process, there is no risk to human or animal health.

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