Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Heaven Nation


Pastor Chris is a known pastor who has been helping people to repent and turn their lives to the Lord. With the help of other pastors in the ministry, the pastor has been able to come up with a church that ensures people have knowledge about the God. Apart from being a preacher, he is also known to be a motivational speaker who is always invited into schools and other social institutions to give talks that can change the lives of people. The pastor is also known to be a writer who has come up with a lot of content for the believers as readers who are interested in knowing more about Christianity and the manner in which they should live their lives if they want to go to Heaven.

There are many people who currently support the church with most of them coming from Nigeria, England and the United States of America. The church has been growing, and they recently came up with a platform that enables youths and other people, in general, to grow spiritually. The pastor has a goal of ensuring that he wins more souls into the kingdom of God.

Pastor Chris has contributed a lot to the growth and development of so many people in the church. The pastor is known to be a spiritual leader as well as an author of many books that people use to get motivated when they want to do some things in life. There are many factors that prove why one should visit the church as well as the crusades that are frequently organized by the church. Christ Embassy is a church that was started by the pastor with the main intention of winning many people into 
Christianity. The church has been able to win many people, and this has been a great step towards ensuring that the countries where the church is found have people who are morally upright.

Chris Oyakhilome started the church, and with time it has grown and currently has followers in more than fifty countries. Heaven Nation being an initiative that has been able to win more people on the internet to turn to God. The goal of the project is to come up with a platform where people can freely express their feeling so that they are guided on how to pray and seek divine intervention from God. Pastor Chris being the head of Christ Embassy has been inviting other pastors to advise the congregation on how to grow spiritually and live a life that is in line with the requirements of the Bible.

Chris Oyakhilome has been able to organize crusades that have enabled people to change their lives. The teachings of the pastor will prove to you that there is a heaven and for you to enter it, there is a way of life that you have to adopt. This is a lifestyle that the Bible accepts. The Bible should always be your book of reference if you want to enter heaven. The crusades are organized frequently. The pastor is known to have organized a crusade that attracted many people from all over the world. The crowd was said to have included people from almost all the countries that support the church. This is a good initiative that will enable the church to grow and spread the word of God better.

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