Golden Ratio and Branding: What You Need to Know


The golden ratio is more than just a number. It represents a perfection of form wherever it is applied. 
The ratio was introduced in the West by the Greeks. It's believed that the Egyptians knew about the ratio,
 centuries before when they applied the concept in building the Great Pyramids of Egypt.
Many companies today have used the golden ratio in creating their logos, which is a strong part of  
corporate branding. Through the logos created by applying the golden ratio, the companies are making their,
 brand appear pleasant at a subconscious level.
In this post, you will learn what exactly the golden ratio is and how it can be applied to branding.

What is the Golden Ratio?

The golden ratio is a mathematical equation that equals 1.618. The ratio is calculated by dividing a line, 
into segments in a way that the longer part divided by the smaller part equals the length of the line 
divided by the longer part. The number is symbolized using the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet, phi.
The Fibonacci series, which were introduced to the west in the 12th century by the Italian mathematician
Leonardo Fibonacci, can also be used to calculate the golden ratio. Simply divide a number in the series 
with a preceding number to get the golden ratio.
A lot of natural objects are created in the golden proportion. For instance, the spiral shell of the snail, 
the galaxies, tree branches, flower petals, and others exhibit the golden ratio.

Application of Golden Ratio in Branding

Many smart companies have implemented the golden ratio in branding. 
Here are four companies that have applied the golden ratio in creating their brand logo.
1. Google — Chances are you have landed on this page through Google. 
You should click the backward button in the browser, and take a close look at the Google logo on the left. 
The height and width of the company logo represent the golden ratio. 
Even the main search bar reflects the golden ratio with the center box located in the middle of the golden spiral. 
No wonder billions of people have been attracted to this search engine.
2. Toyota — Toyota is the all-time best-selling car brand in the world. 
The company's logo is also a representation of the golden ratio. 
On close inspection, you can find a grid that is based on phi in their logo.
3. National Geographic — Do you recall the yellow triangle of National Geographic? 
It's also a representation of the golden ratio. 
The length and width of the rectangle have the ratio of 1.61.
4. Pepsi — Pepsi's new logo is also based on the golden ratio.  
The red and blue logo almost looks like a laughing emoticon. 
The logo has been created by intersecting two circles in the proportion of the golden ratio.
The fact is that branding is all about capturing the interest of the consumers. 
That's why companies focus on making every aspect of the branding totally in sync with the customers. 
Applying the golden ratio makes the logo more appealing and attractive to customers.


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