5 Common Misconceptions about Digital Marketing - A Beginners' Guide


If you know what digital marketing is, you should know how effective it has become today. Well, sometimes it is found that beginners face a few common misconceptions about digital marketing. And eventually, they have to taste early defeat in this challenging market. Believe it or not, I have also gone through the same situations. This is why; I feel I must tell you what things can primarily have negative impacts on your digital media marketing efforts.

It is no doubt that in this technology driven world, digital media based marketing has given the business development a new boosting towards faster growth. But following are some common mistakes that a newbie should avoid:
1. Higher time consumption versus fewer results: The first thing that disappoints a beginner is time against results. It is a fact that there is hardly any short cut to success (except pay-per-click advertisement) in the digital or the online marketing sphere! When you begin to start market your business online, you have to wait and watch for results for some time. After a few outcomes, rework on strategy can lead to expected results. But this does not mean that you should stop working on digital media based marketing ploys. One thing you must remember or convey to your superiors that results of digital marketing stay for a long time. Once the flow of business beings, it does far better in revenue collection than off-line marketing processes, head of product recruitment.
2. It is too technical and hard to track or measure: I can personally tell you that I have come across people who simply try to negate digital or online marketing as it is a bit technical. Some of my friends and even clients are heard to say, "You people better understand things as you have the technical knowhow". But let me tell you my friends, I am not at all technical person and I do not hold any technical degree. Yet, Googling around and with the help of some of my friends, I am now easily handling my own site's online marketing process. And talking about the tracking process, I can say there are so many tools to analyze and trace the output of your digital marketing efforts. For example, there are many keyword analysis tools that help you know the best keywords or phrases that would help you move forward and outperform your competitors on Google search results.
3. You need to invest lump sum money for success: Another setback that can really affect a beginner to take the first firm step in the domain of digital or online marketing is a money issue. Some people have a big misconception that digital or online marketing means an investment of a considerable part of your marketing budget. But this is not at all true. Whether you employ any digital marketing expert or yourself begin to work in this domain, very nominal investment can start showing you greater results. You can expect better results from other conventional marketing ploys even. There are so many free techniques that can be implemented to get firsthand results.
4. SEO is going to die so stop this nonsense: There are so many Big Brothers who have grown some deep knowledge in themselves about Google and SEO. They have the judgment - Google now does not allow or adhere to conventional practices of optimization of web pages (Meta tags, content etc.) so it is not necessary to invest your money in digital or online marketing (SEO is certainly the part of it). It would be better to follow other techniques. These types of conceptions are nothing but misconceptions about digital marketing! The on-page SEO (working on Meta and content) still has importance to Google and other search engines. Those ploys guide search crawlers to index and show the best results against the user queries. Yes, SEO techniques are becoming advanced to bring the best results to the customers and it is not going to die till the search engines are in the market.
5. Social networking is all digital or online marketing: In this era of 'Facebook', 'Twitter', 'what's Up' people are growing a deep misconception in themselves. They have started to think that social media marketing is all in all in digital marketing. If you can market you business in social channels, you then do not need to do anything else. But for the beginners I must say, stop thinking likewise! If you search, you would find there are so many other techniques that help in bringing results. Do not indulge your time entirely on social media marketing. For example, you have to know and work on making your online presence mobile friendly to reach the greatest number of people. And to do that, you have to know some key techniques that stand as a part of digital media based marketing.

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