How to recover the lost files from any system?


 EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition is a simple use and an efficient performer which assists a person in the recovery of lost data from the hard drive, memory cards, USB’s and other storage tools. It can recover the pictures, documents, lost files, videos and almost all the types of data which is lost from formatting errors, deletion, OS crashes, partition losses, and other data loss scenarios.

Memory Card Recovery
Most of the times it happens that the data on the memory card is lost mistakenly and all the precious photos are deleted and this situation is really unhappy. If somehow you get caught to a similar situation, you have the chances for your memory card recovery with help of this EaseUS recovery wizard as it is powerful SD card recovery software which lets you recover the lost data in just 3 clicks in a quick and efficient way. You can free download this amazing software to have your lost files back. Usually, a memory card is used in cameras, cell phones, music players and handheld computers. Sometimes you intentionally delete the data while most of the times the data is just mistakenly misplaced which can be recovered with the help of EaseUS.

  •   Accidentally deleted files recovery
Sometimes important data is lost unexpectedly and the lost cause by the sudden deletion or any virus attacks on the data is recovered with the help of EaseUS Data Recovery Software.
  •   Formatted Recovery
Whenever a person formats a disk, the data on the disk doesn’t erase and it is erased only from the address table. Such data can then easily be retrieved after the format on your device.
  •   Recovery of Recycle Bin Data
You can filter the scanned results by selectivity and by the file type. The files can be recovered after they have been deleted by emptying the recycle bin.
  •   Partition Recovery
Even if the whole part is lost and the system couldn’t recognize, still then you can recover your lost data.
  •   Damage in Hard Drive
Usually, the hard drives become inaccessible when they are damaged and thus the data on them can’t be found. In such cases the EaseUS data recovery lets the users find their data again.
  •   Virus Attacks
Virus attacks on your computer can make the system slow and they are also too annoying due to which your computer can’t work normally. With the help of this tool, data can be recovered quickly and safely.
  •          OS crash
EaseUS lets the files recovered from a crashed Windows system. It provides a downloadable WinPE bootable media which lets you start the computer and recover the lost files from the system.
  •          RAW Partition
If the partition or the hard disk of your system suddenly gets RAW and you can get access to the stored data, you can get access to the data with help of EaseUS.
The complete recovery process is done in just 3 simple clicks and it is really quick and simple. It is simple to do and you don’t need to be experienced to get your files recovered.

Scanning Modes
There are basically two scanning modes of EaseUS and that is:
-    In the quick scan, the deleted folders and files are searched by using basic algorithms to get the results fast.
-    In deep scanning, the storage sector by sector is scanned that ensures complete recovery of the lost data.
You also get the option of previewing the files before recovery so that you can select the necessary files to recover.

File formats

The files which can be recovered with the help of EaseUs are:
-    Document: EPS, INDD, HTM, CWK, PDF, PPTX, XLS, DOCX etc
-    Video: MPEG, RMVB, MPG, SWF, FLV, ASF, MKV, WMV, 3G2, 3GP, M4V, MP4, MOV, and AVI etc.
-    Email: EMLX, DBX, PST etc.
-    Graphics: DNG, RAF, SVG, SWF, RAW, WMF, DCR, MRW, SR2, ORF, NEF, CR2, CRW, PSD, GIF, PNG, and JPG etc.
-    Audio: APE, WMV, AAC, OGG, RMVB, M4V, MPG, MKV, FLV, VQF, MIDI, APE, WMA, WAV, M4A, and AIFF etc.
-    The other files include the archives like SITX and HTML etc.

-    The first edition of EaseUS data recovery wizard is free and the amount of data which could be recovered from it is of 2 GB.
-    The pro version of this data recovery wizard can be bought in $69.95 and it also has a free trial. Unlimited amount of the data can be recovered from it.
-    The Pro+WinPE version can be bought in $99.90 and the data recovered from it could be unlimited. 

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