How to Plan a Superb Holiday with Friends in 2019


How to Plan a Superb Holiday with Friends in 2019
A group holiday provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy some quality time with your friends.
As the trip will help you to get know each other on a deeper level and create wonderful memories,
together, it could potentially strengthen your friendship even further.
To ensure you have a fun, relaxing, and hassle-free trip, read the following top
tips on how to book a superb holiday with friends in 2019.
Ask the Right Friends
It is crucial to choose your friends carefully when organising a group holiday.
Only ask those you are willing to spend a considerable amount of time with during a trip,
which could prevent arguments or tension with one or more travel companions.
You also should choose friends who are willing to compromise. For example,
while a friend might be happy to spend their days lounging by the pool,
you might want to go sightseeing.
If they are unlikely to compromise, they might not be the best fit for your desired holiday abroad.
Spread Out Duties
While each friend shouldn’t be responsible for organising their own flights and accommodation,
you shouldn’t leave one person to take control of every important task,
which could lead to frustration or resentment.
Instead, spread the duties out between the group, which can make the process a doddle.
For example, one friend can find and book the best flights to a destination,
and another can compare different travel insurance options or research Visa entry requirements.

Set a Date
As your friends will more than likely have different responsibilities, such as a career and/or a family,
it is important to organise a group vacation many months in advance,
so everyone will be able to schedule time off work or arrange childcare.
Agree on a Destination
It is vital to select a destination that suits everyone’s preference.
For this reason, you all must come together to discuss different holiday options,
which could range from an unforgettable trip to a popular US city to a relaxing break in Cyprus.
If a friend isn’t happy with a group’s choice, they could always join you on the next getaway.
Book the Best Accommodation
It goes without saying that both you and your friends will want to indulge in utter luxury on holiday.
However, instead of checking into a chaotic hotel that will split you into different rooms,
you could come together in a clean, comfortable and spacious villa.
For example, if you are booking a fun-filled trip to Orlando to visit the,
likes of Universal Studios and Magic Kingdom, Florida villa holidays will provide the perfect,
private base.
Create an Itinerary Together
Regardless of whether you are heading to Florida or Barbados,
you will need to sit down and create an itinerary together.
Making group decisions will ensure everyone is on the same page prior to a holiday,
which could prevent arguments or resentment from arising.
It will also ensure everyone has time to visit their desired attraction,
landmark or restaurant during the getaway.
Remember to leave a little wiggle room in an itinerary,
so you will each have time to relax or head off on a spontaneous adventure.
Don’t Be Afraid to Split Up
As different friends might want to embark on different activities,
don’t be afraid to split the group up to ensure everyone gets to tick an attraction off their bucket list.
It could prevent you from squeezing too many activities into an itinerary or disappointing
one or more friends. You can then plan to meet up at a specific time and location to enjoy
lunch or dinner as a tight-knit group.
Send Departure Details to the Group
Ensure everyone has both the time and date of a holiday in writing,
which could avoid confusion and will ensure no-one misses a flight.
If you are meeting friends at an airport,
request to meet a few hours early at a meeting point to ensure everyone is accounted for
and has their passports and boarding passes, which can take some of the stress out of the experience.
Consider a Country’s Visa Requirements
It is essential to review a country’s visa requirements to ensure a smooth entry.
For example, if you and your friends are heading off to Turkey,
you will each need to apply for an e-visa, which will be valid for a minimum of six months
after you arrive in the country.
Make everyone aware of the requirement prior to travel to ensure a friend isn’t
refused entry at the gate.
Set Ground Rules
Tension and arguments can happen when friends spend a substantial amount of time in each
other’s company. Maintain a harmonious atmosphere from beginning to end by setting ground rules.
For example, it is likely some friends might want to head back to their accommodation,
while others might want to stay out late. If so,
it’s important to show those sleeping some respect by keeping the noise down when
arriving back at a hotel room or villa.
If you can discuss pet peeves before travel,
it could prevent conflict from tearing a group in half and will ensure everyone has a brilliant time.
Establish Luggage Requirements
There is always that one friend who tries to squeeze their entire wardrobe into their suitcase.
However, if each friend packs two suitcases,
you will have limited space in a rental car or taxi on the way to or from the airport.
Instead, suggest everyone packs only one suitcase or one carry-on,
which will ensure you are not forced to take separate vehicles.
You can also save on luggage space by sharing the following items:
  • Toothpaste
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Plasters
  • Hair straighteners
  • A travel iron
Organising a group vacation doesn’t need to be difficult. If each friend is willing to compromise,
research and take on a task, it could make the planning process a doddle.

It will, therefore, help to prevent arguments or tension,
which can lead to a superb holiday that will bring you all closer together.

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